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Roger defeated in final

15.08.2010 | Tennis

Roger suffered a 5-7, 5-7 defeat against Andy Murray in a rain-affected final at the Rogers Cup in Toronto today.


He had to deal with a rough start against the Scot, falling back 0-3 with a double-break. Roger rallied, however, and over the course of the set clawed both breaks back with a mix of wonderful strokes and hard graft to level at 5-5. A tie-break seemed likely but Murray eked out an advantage on our champ's serve, eventually taking the set.


The second set was delayed by rain several times. Murray secured a break advantage at one stage and Roger displayed great tennis after a second rain delay, breaking Murray back and later levelling to 5-5. But as in the first set, Roger faced another late break and eventually had to admit defeat after just over 2 hours of play.


Thanks to his great performance this week, Roger has climbed back up to the number 2 spot in the world rankings. He is playing Cincinnati this week where he will either meet James Blake or a qualifier in the second round after a first round bye. He certainly looks ready to defend the title!

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08/17/2010 | 09:43 PM

Not the expected outcome; but their were some positive points you can take away from the match.

Moving on, good luck in Cincinnati you are the defending champ from last year.

Much love :-)!!!!
08/17/2010 | 08:13 PM
Sorry for your loss. But it’s ok, Roger. You’ve already shown us your great tennis in that match. But it wasn’t your day.

It’s so extremely competitive in men tennis nowadays. Hoping you find the way to gear up your tennis’s to be upmost once again. Ma
08/17/2010 | 07:29 PM
you had the win, but that rain :)
08/17/2010 | 07:24 PM
sorry to say this ,

better u can retire from tennis after u win the 17th grand slam.
08/17/2010 | 07:22 PM
Roger fans..check out this amazing video of Roger hitting a can off a photographers head with his serve (in a suit no less)....amazing...but that guy had to be nervous!

08/17/2010 | 07:18 PM
Roger fans..check out this amazing video of Roger hitting a can off a photographer's head with his serve in a studio !!...the man is amazing as we all know but that guy had to be very nervous!...

08/17/2010 | 06:46 PM
Dearest Roger, you had it very close… I know you put in all your effort and did your best throughout the entire tournament within such a short time frame. Not easy to play in such heat and exhaustion yet able to win is so amazing. Andy played very well to
08/17/2010 | 06:25 PM
what a pity! But I still believe you'll perform better next time.
08/17/2010 | 06:13 PM
P.19***Macbeth Isabel***

Wo !! Girl!! You're so romantic - I really admire you.

I can't speak for Roger so I'll speak for myself.

So, I just want to say that if I had someone like you looking after me, I'll be the most spoiled & pampered, and the
08/17/2010 | 05:46 PM

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