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Amazing trickshot

17.08.2010 | Off Court

Check out this amazing trickshot Roger performed during a Gillette ad shoot. Don't try this at home!


The idea goes all the way back to William Tell, a folk hero of Switzerland. Tell had to shoot an apple from his son's head with a crossbow.

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08/22/2010 | 09:21 PM
it's unbelievable, Roger, how did u do that?

I guess that's why he's Roger Federer, with a Tennis racquet, he can do just anything.
08/22/2010 | 05:55 PM
Outstanding, as always!!!!!!!!!
08/22/2010 | 02:14 PM
i saw the video and i was like OMG!!!!!!u were simply daring and amazing Rogi.........it just showed how talented u r........... :)
08/22/2010 | 12:27 PM
he is the man!
08/22/2010 | 08:17 AM
Amazing Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got nerve that moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Incredible shot!!
08/22/2010 | 06:30 AM
it's amazing and I know it is not any kind of trick
08/22/2010 | 05:46 AM
The clothes aren't gorgeous, Roger is. He makes the clothes look gorgeous that's why they have him model them. He's got a "male form" from heaven .. don't you agree:)
08/22/2010 | 03:33 AM
SO cool~
08/22/2010 | 12:46 AM
the great Roger you are just perfect ,
and the only stupid one who could think of that meticulous shot is a fake !!!!!!!
cuz federer did it twice that is the proof . gooooo Roger I lovve you
08/21/2010 | 10:21 PM
all this talk of whether it's real or fake..i know it's real cause you're capable of something amazing like that : ) love you!!
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