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Amazing trickshot

17.08.2010 | Off Court

Check out this amazing trickshot Roger performed during a Gillette ad shoot. Don't try this at home!


The idea goes all the way back to William Tell, a folk hero of Switzerland. Tell had to shoot an apple from his son's head with a crossbow.

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08/21/2010 | 09:23 PM
17/08...it's my b-day and this video I consider I wonderful gift this year. Thanks RF.
08/21/2010 | 08:19 PM
cooool ........... u look coooooooler serving in suit!
08/21/2010 | 06:30 PM
08/21/2010 | 02:32 PM
Now I've read some of the other comments - got to agree about the suit. Roger is one of the most glamorous guys in the world and his clothes are always gorgeous. Not many things can compete with a guy in fabulous clothes.
08/21/2010 | 02:30 PM
I've watched this over and over and asked my very tecchie internet expert son if he can spot any fakery. Just waiting to hear from him!

I've no doubt Roger could do this without effort, and I think it's genuine. But if it's fake, so what, it's fun!
08/21/2010 | 09:55 AM
08/21/2010 | 09:26 AM
I'll put a mini bottle on my head and be happy to volunteer!
08/21/2010 | 09:08 AM
I'll put a mini bottle on my head and be happy to volunteer!
08/21/2010 | 08:29 AM

the magician has done it again
08/21/2010 | 06:33 AM
Incredible: elegance, style and accuracy ....... many greetings.