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Amazing trickshot

17.08.2010 | Off Court

Check out this amazing trickshot Roger performed during a Gillette ad shoot. Don't try this at home!


The idea goes all the way back to William Tell, a folk hero of Switzerland. Tell had to shoot an apple from his son's head with a crossbow.

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08/21/2010 | 03:16 AM
For real, Roger? You look SO cool!!
08/21/2010 | 01:31 AM
Wowwwwww..... Was that real, I mean REALLY REAL!?
08/20/2010 | 10:23 PM

08/20/2010 | 09:11 PM
A M A I Z I N G!!!!
08/20/2010 | 08:58 PM
this is incredible, wonderful
08/20/2010 | 08:39 PM
go rogiiiiiiiiiiiii i love u
08/20/2010 | 06:43 PM

Roger as a sensible gentleman knows that if he hit that guy anywhere on the head, with Roger's power, the guy loses an eye, or some teeth. A broken nose on camera will provide many, many painful minutes of an endless flow of blood, an
08/20/2010 | 06:42 PM
Roger's Gillette TrickShot(TS)(In 2 parts)
This is PART I
OK My friends,

Below are the exact words of Roger when they asked him twice about his TS(after his match w/Istomin at www.goroger.net) :

"""Q. Can I ask you about a serve that you didn't ma
08/20/2010 | 05:29 PM
Roger that's hilarious... everyone's going crazy over this, trying to figure out whether it's real or not... I LOVE YOU!
08/20/2010 | 04:09 PM
Amazing performance!, Roger, your shot showed the world what you are capable of.
My best wishes for a bright future!...