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Amazing trickshot

17.08.2010 | Off Court

Check out this amazing trickshot Roger performed during a Gillette ad shoot. Don't try this at home!


The idea goes all the way back to William Tell, a folk hero of Switzerland. Tell had to shoot an apple from his son's head with a crossbow.

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08/19/2010 | 01:09 PM
OH MY GOD!That means you're the best in the world!Bravoo,Roger!!!
08/19/2010 | 11:07 AM
oh! my god!!!
That shot is incredible!!!
AMAZING !!!!!!
08/19/2010 | 10:23 AM
nice one roger :)
08/19/2010 | 09:40 AM
too good roger!!
just another point to prove dat you are THE BEST!!
08/19/2010 | 08:22 AM
very cooooool shot!!!!!!!!!!!
08/19/2010 | 07:43 AM
Tht was super-cool, champ! Simply amazing!
Bt thn we expect nothing less frm u!

Hv a grt run at Cincy!

08/19/2010 | 07:10 AM
08/19/2010 | 06:57 AM
ha ha Cool!!!
08/19/2010 | 06:06 AM
awesome........no-one else can even think of doing it.
08/19/2010 | 05:33 AM
keep going rog >> sorry for him .