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New team-member for|the Foundation

25.08.2010 | Foundation

Dear Fans


I am happy to announce another new member on my team - not linked to my tennis career this time, but to my Foundation: Janine Händel.


The Roger Federer Foundation was founded in 2003 and we have now decided to allocate a significantly larger amount of money to projects every year. For this reason, we need to raise the Foundation and its structures to a higher level. To achieve this, we have decided to establish a professionally managed Foundation office.


We are glad that Janine Händel will be in charge of the office as a qualified professional. Throughout her career, she has gained experience as a Swiss diplomat developing and implementing programs in the fields of peace policy, human rights and humanitarian policy. Janine has been working for an international company in the area of corporate citizenship over the last few years and will take up her job with the Roger Federer Foundation as per today.


See you soon


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08/26/2010 | 11:58 AM
All the best for the best
God bless you
08/26/2010 | 10:53 AM
That's great ROGI !!!
You are a descent and wonderful person !!!
And welcome to Janine in your foundation..
And I hope you could help the people in Pakistan,because they are really suffering...
Finally wishing you all the best and to your foundation m
08/26/2010 | 10:44 AM
Good luck Roger and your foundation team!
08/26/2010 | 09:35 AM
GREAT MAN. WONDERFUL PERSON. BRILLIANT IDEA. GIANT TEAM. = PERFECT. EXCELLENT. for the people of the world. Really and truly and such a great job for the RF team and family and friends and fans of course. More power with much success.
08/26/2010 | 08:49 AM
This is fantastic news! I just called my friend Guy Bradshaw to tell him the news and he blew his coffee over his dashboard! Good luck at the US Open!
08/26/2010 | 07:44 AM
Congratulations on getting the job, Janine and welcome to RF.com.
08/26/2010 | 06:53 AM
great news for RF foundation. good luck and more power.
08/26/2010 | 05:41 AM
thats great to hear!
08/26/2010 | 05:39 AM
Welcome, Janine...keep Roger detached & healthy before London in November & after Melbourne in 2011...stay focused on Flushing Meadow, Rog...
08/26/2010 | 05:29 AM
Congratulations on the success and good works of your Foundation.