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Paul Annacone to Join Team

28.08.2010 | Tennis

Dear Fans


Paul and I have had a good trial period. He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward and he will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with LTA wind down.


See you soon


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08/31/2010 | 07:54 AM
Great news Roger! Go to championship!
08/31/2010 | 07:08 AM
the shoot .. again :O :O :O :O =))

that's unbleivable >> c'mon rog u go and we all behind u . u will do it inshallah
08/31/2010 | 05:35 AM
Thank you for good match!! Good luck in second round. Ludmila
08/31/2010 | 05:35 AM
Roger you were more than magnificent in your match tonight with the Argentine. That poor guy didn't have even a slight chance with you playing like you did and the between the legs hit was absolutely glorious. No wonder we love you Roger, there is NO ONE
08/31/2010 | 05:24 AM
My dear Roger,

Congrats on your first win!!!
God bless you always!

08/31/2010 | 04:49 AM
Another amazing commercial video for tonite as follows:


Only disappointing is that Roger couldn't convert his break points, in 2nd set, again...BUT, HE'S RUNNING DABUL RAGGED, AS WE SPEAK, SO IT'S N
08/31/2010 | 02:02 AM
like, ALL these crazy-a**ed announcers proclaiming how great of a threat L. HEWITT is, and he's being blown off the court, down by 2 sets already, by P. MATHIEU, like doh! WHO'S MATHIEW TO THEM???

that's why we're watching these matches by MUTING t
08/31/2010 | 01:32 AM
game on!!!!

just finished listening to a bunch of crap from PATRICK McENROE, like this brother-wannabe is a real never-was, like someone should pull his plug off the air already...HE KNOWS NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT TENNIS SUPREMACY IF IT BITES HIM ON THE B
08/30/2010 | 09:16 PM
I noticed that Roger is using a two-handed backhand while practising in NY. Image in gallery on official US Open website. Wondering whether he is going to use it to strengthen his backhand which is constantly being targeted these days. Less finesse BUT mo
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