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Paul Annacone to Join Team

28.08.2010 | Tennis

Dear Fans


Paul and I have had a good trial period. He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward and he will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with LTA wind down.


See you soon


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08/30/2010 | 08:10 PM
Dear Roger!!! Good luck in US Open!! Ludmila
08/30/2010 | 08:04 PM
Another great preview article & great response from our King of New York:


Nadal just need AN EXTRA PAIR OF LEGS to help him move better around these
08/30/2010 | 07:53 PM
LIKE, LOL, wishful thinkin' on Nadalnation re wanting a Nadal-Federer match here at USO, when Nadal has never even made it past semifinal here....


BTW: We s
08/30/2010 | 07:37 PM
Best of Luck!!
08/30/2010 | 07:05 PM
Dear Roger,

Congratulations! Thank you for writing to us with this great news. Wishing you and Paul every success in your partnership together.

Love From Christinexx
08/30/2010 | 06:51 PM
Good news, my great champion!!!!!!
I'm waiting for your first match with trepidation!!!!!!
Good luck!!!!!!
08/30/2010 | 06:01 PM
hey........itz gr8 u gt a coach agn!!!!!!!!!!!
i reallly hope n pray dat thngz work out rog!!!!!!!!
08/30/2010 | 05:50 PM
Dear Roger
Tonight is really here !!! We're going to see you play at long last with Paul by your side. The USO has begun !!!

May the Gods bless you and guide you
We're all here behind you !
Open your heart, let the energy flow
The rest is easy, it
08/30/2010 | 05:19 PM
I'm really happy for this wonderful news
08/30/2010 | 05:11 PM
oh so great that its working out!! I hope it goes well, good luck during US open. I wish I could go and watch you win! we are all behind you!
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