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Semis at the US Open

09.09.2010 | Tennis

Roger raced into the semi-finals at the US Open today by defeating Sweden's Robin Söderling  6-4, 6-4, 7-5 at a windswept Flushing Meadows.


Our champion took advantage of the tricky conditions in New York and served 18 aces and just two double faults, while it took Söderling until the fifth game of the third set to serve the first of his two aces. Roger, whose string of five consecutive US Open titles was snapped in last year's final, commanded his serve with power and precision through the adverse conditions to quash Soderling in just 116 minutes.


"I've practised my serve my whole career, if I can't serve in the wind I've got a problem!" Roger joked after the match. "You can wake me up at two in the morning or four in the morning and I can hit serves."


Roger will now face Novak Djokovic on Saturday for the fourth year in series in the tournament. Roger won all three previous contests.

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09/11/2010 | 11:52 PM
ticky...NOT so odd, if the KING OF NY kept on wipin' u OFF this same court in the last 3 yrs, and 4 counting this year, m'kaaay???

JOKER must be tired of bein' bested by our Roger, like wouldn't u????

he should talk to R-SOD, who got beaten by our K
09/11/2010 | 11:51 PM
tough 5 setter.am so scared
09/11/2010 | 11:49 PM
what the....did u just hear LITTLE MAC announcin' that ANAL is the FITTEST MAN???

was he NOT here earlier announcin' that earlier match against YOUZHNY w/ ALL THAT BLISTERS & FOOT PAIN OF ANAL?? like, didn't he go thru 2 medical timeouts??

09/11/2010 | 11:48 PM
Agree Mitz I will always support hime. But it is awful seeing him in this situation, when we know he can do so much better. However, IT IS NEVER OVER TILL IT IS OVER!. have faith everyone. He will win this set. PLEASE!!!!!!!!
He usually does not need 5 s
09/11/2010 | 11:47 PM
Roger needs this - a good 5-setter to tone him & toughen him up to beat Nadal tomorrow - he will so let's stay calm & positive - Roger be the Hurricane in Set 5 ,
09/11/2010 | 11:47 PM
Something wacky is going on here... I don't like it! ;S
09/11/2010 | 11:46 PM
yes...MITZ, we will ALWAYS LUV-n-TREASURE our champ, aka KING OF NEW YORK, aka SULTAN OF SLAMS, aka GOAT, 4ever-n-a-day no matter what!!!

but, it'd be soooo friggin' borin' if Roger cannot EKE this one out....

afraid that, if it's 2b, WE ARE BOYCOTT
09/11/2010 | 11:43 PM
Djokovic makes the pressure.

Roger is too defensive.
It's goota change.
09/11/2010 | 11:42 PM
I have not a clue why Roger is playing so badly unless he is ill or just doesn't feel good or what. I am not the one to judge but win or lose I will always love him and support him.
09/11/2010 | 11:42 PM
sorry, try this: http://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-us-open.html

yeah, Roger's service games have GONE SOUTH somewhere...his unforced errors are way up there, too!