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Roger misses final in New York

12.09.2010 | Tennis

Roger was defeated by Novak Djokovic 7-5, 1-6, 7-5, 2-6 and 5-7 in today's semi-final at the US Open.


This means that unfortunately Roger will not play Rafa in what would have been the eighth Grand Slam championship match between tennis' top two men — and first such showdown at Flushing Meadows. It is the first time in the last seven years that Roger misses the final of the US Open. He has won five trophies from 2004-08.


Roger saw two match points today but let them slip away. He also committed too many errors during the critical phases of the match and was often not able to count on his first serve. The two players showed a most entertaining display of tennis on an amazingly high level - the match was only over after 3 hours and 44 minutes.

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09/16/2010 | 08:07 PM
Dear Roger,

Anyone can be #1 but not anyone can be a legend! Thank you for such an exciting match against Djokovic. You were so close but your first serves took a nose dive and you played less offensively in the sets you lost to him. (BTW your serves
09/16/2010 | 07:44 PM
u know- when u lost the game i almost began to cry.
09/16/2010 | 07:44 PM
u know- when u lost the game i almost began to cry.
09/16/2010 | 07:04 PM
I am really fed up with three things following Roger's defeat in the US Open. The first is all those people who detest Rafa, use insulting nicknames for him, and never hesitate to do him down at any opportunity. What on earth is wrong with these people? T
09/16/2010 | 06:25 PM
I’m really depressed.
I’m lucky because I was not able to watch this match, cause it would have caused me a nervous breakdown.
Still you are the best ever tennis player & my favorite champion.
09/16/2010 | 05:22 PM
**Ticky pg.62
**theluckyfed pg.57

With theluckyfed's permission if I may, I think we can take **theluckyfed's great comparison....:

FEDERER : Built for the long run , like a finely tuned piece of swiss engineering, energy effiecient , elegant , he
09/16/2010 | 02:57 PM
its ok, i know that u will rule the next tournament.
09/16/2010 | 02:14 PM
hi roger......it was great seeing you at the open....no other player on the planet plays with your grace & style & class. '11 will be a great year for you - starting with an autralian open championship - i can't wait!!! all the best to you and mirka an
09/16/2010 | 07:50 AM
Only the most painfully assinne Nadal fan would say Rog "fears" Rafa in any way. If anything, Roger wants nothing more than another chance to face the butt picker in majors finals, and beat him.

For the record, this is the first time the butt picker e
09/16/2010 | 06:20 AM
Roger you have nothing to hang your head about..you outclass everyone else in every possible way...All of your fans savor every match that we can see and are thankful that you still chose to play...we will all be waiting patiently to see you again and we
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