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Davis Cup

15.09.2010 | Tennis

Dear fans,


I have decided not to join the Davis Cup team to Kazakhstan. I need some extra time to relax after the intense weeks in North America so I can finish the year strong.


See you soon,



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10/25/2010 | 02:11 AM
Its a good decision my dear Roger. Even tough i wanted to see you making Switzerland win the Davis Cup(im sure it would be great for u and your country) , you need to take a rest for the next tournaments. do your best in the next seasons, dont let Nadal w
10/19/2010 | 09:58 AM
you need to relax and concentrate on next tournment.
10/11/2010 | 01:25 PM
no proplem
all of us with u roger
10/11/2010 | 08:17 AM
Thanks for the notice Roger! I think that is def a wise decision and wish you all the best for the rest of the Year! Best wishes for your family as well.


10/08/2010 | 07:24 PM
yah you need more time to relax..we'll catch them soon! please win shanghai, we'll always support you
10/04/2010 | 03:59 PM
No one has written is 70 hours - I think it's time.........
10/03/2010 | 12:39 PM
No one has written is 44 hours - I think it's time.........
10/03/2010 | 12:36 PM
No one has written is 20 hours - I think it's time.........
10/01/2010 | 09:15 PM
GREAT ARTICLE, RamCharan....


LIKE, WE ALL KNOW THAT HERE....But, that 2k fine at Wimbly is NOT gonna cut it, either!!! The guy earned like 7 Million this year, and he got
10/01/2010 | 06:46 PM
Guys, check this out:

Right to the point. That's why Fed rules forever!!!
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