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Davis Cup

15.09.2010 | Tennis

Dear fans,


I have decided not to join the Davis Cup team to Kazakhstan. I need some extra time to relax after the intense weeks in North America so I can finish the year strong.


See you soon,



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10/01/2010 | 04:20 AM
yessss, Sandy89, tx!!!!!!!!!

but, my very fav so far has to be this one since it's almost my fav music as well...


everyone wanna rule ROGER'S R
09/30/2010 | 10:21 PM
09/30/2010 | 07:32 PM
yesss, don't know why it came out as 1991 vs 2001....like doh!!!

wanna blame it on triggered-happy fingers typo error, but it's gotta be early-Alzheimer's for me, like doh!!!

it's a good thing I luv shrimp or I'd be offended, too, like hah!!!

09/30/2010 | 06:10 PM
In popular Chinese Culture, your confusion ref Roger/Sampras Wimbledon Match 1991?/2001? makes you a Big-Headed Prawm(Shrimp)
09/30/2010 | 06:06 PM
Nice save, RF_4ever_GOAT**barely in time - you're lucky I came home late!

I thought you were raised by smart women....

I was going to call you something else...

Ha! Ha! Ha! HA!

09/30/2010 | 06:45 AM
OMG, yesss, my faux-pas, 'twas 2001!!!!

I just remembered as I re-read my earlier post....

When Roger was only 20, that's right....He was bearded w/ the long hair, like a rockstar that he's finally become!!!

Tx 4 the correction....
09/30/2010 | 06:43 AM
I was raised by a bunch of SMART women, full of anecdotes, like what else?!

Whatever are u referrin' to re 2001 vs 1991?!

Inquiring mind(s) wanna know ferrr sure...
09/30/2010 | 05:26 AM
RF_4ever_GOAT**you're great with the Armpits and all - where do you get these gems?

Anyhoooo.....By the way, it's 2001, not 1991.

It was and still is a Great Match - good on ya!

09/30/2010 | 02:46 AM
yep, Sandy89, I've read that one, tx...

but, those OTHER comments can be upsetting nevertheless...like, everyone has an opinion or a critic, like sheesh!

opinions are like armpits, i.e. they STINK when u least expect 'em!!!!
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