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Art of tennis

27.09.2010 | Tennis

Roger once again proved his passion for art and tennis - but not on a tennis court this time. All players qualified for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals to be held in London (November 21 to 28) have been asked to create a work of art by hitting tennis balls covered in paint onto a canvas.


"It was great fun being invited to create my self portrait and I'm excited to see how the finished piece looks," Roger said. "Raising money for charity is always a great thing so already I would like to thank people who will buy these pictures and it's going to be for a good cause. I'm happy I can help a bit. I am very happy as it is the ninth consecutive year I have qualified for the year-end event. I have played in a lot of different venues during my career and I can say they staged a fantastic event at The O2 last year. I look forward to returning there in November and finishing the season strong."


The artworks will be on display for the public before being auctioned for charity. Discover all the information on the "Art of Tennis" on the ATP website.



With kind permission by the ATP.



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10/11/2010 | 08:21 PM
yes, Sandy89, I feel the same VIBE in u, esp. in our mutual admiration in our idol RF that he's the ultimate (metrosexual!) god of purrrfect poetry in motion!!

also, I'm happy that TennisChannel's showin' the Shanghai match as well, like woohoo!

10/11/2010 | 07:43 AM
D. "rogerfan88 08.06.2010

"My dear Roger the Great,
I know how sad you are about losing the French Open, about ending your semifinal streak and last but not least the No. 1 ranking. I am very sad too. But look at the bright side. Your beloved Wim
10/11/2010 | 07:42 AM
Dear Friends this is something I wrote in June I think - my memory is so bad now, I can't even remember if I sent it to you all - so, just to make sure....

"" Dear Mitz,
Sorry I took so long. I just had to tell that story to our friends.

I notice
10/10/2010 | 06:27 PM
Dear Roger

The Draw is out...It is what it is !
Players are players and you can beat them all...

Keep a smile on your face
Keep your confidence rock solid
Keep your passion burning
Let your hunger to win drive your every move
Let it take you to
10/10/2010 | 04:27 PM
What a great idea and how nice you always participate. And super congratulations on your 9th time in the ATP World finals, that is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!
10/10/2010 | 09:55 AM
wish you all the best for the tournament
i am sure you are going to win this one !
10/10/2010 | 03:09 AM

You are most welcome !!!
and thank you for the links...great stuff !
Best regards
10/09/2010 | 07:55 PM
Shanghai open draws out!!!
Federer probably would face
Isner,Cilic,Ferrer,djokovic and nadal.

Soderling, Berdych and murray have chances of facing our champion too...
Best of luck..
10/09/2010 | 07:25 PM

You're welcome.
And also thanks a lot for the links.
10/09/2010 | 07:23 PM

Thanks for not thinking that I'm crazy, I'm kind of relief now :D
And I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeally so glad that I'd put that link (of the pic) and you liked it, and having that wonderful pic makes you happy.

And it's pretty cool to have t
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