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Roger defeated in Shanghai

17.10.2010 | Tennis

Roger was defeated by Andy Murray 3-6, 2-6 in the final of the Shanghai Masters today.


"Andy had an outstanding tournament," Roger said. "I thought Andy played great today. He didn't give me many chances."


Roger had to deal with a break right from the start as he dropped serve in the opening game of the match - from leading 40-15. And unfortunately that was the way the match continued. Roger committed too many unforced errors and even when he placed his shots wunderfully, Murray managed to retrieve the ball from seemingly impossible situations. A second break at the end of the first set made everything clear for Murray.

Roger had two break points in the opening game of the second set, but the Scotsman did not allow him the chance to break him. Roger was troubled by the inconsistency on his groundstrokes, particularly his forehand. Another two break points later Roger still wasn't able to score a break, but lost his own service games to fall behind 1-3 and later 2-6.


Roger remains 3-2 ahead of Murray in their final duels including wins over the Scotsman at the 2008 US Open and this year's Australian Open. Thanks to having reached the final, Roger is set to move up to second in the world and has certainly made a solid start into the end of the 2010 season. Next up are Stockholm, Basel, Paris-Bercy and finally the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

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10/19/2010 | 06:54 PM
Good News Every-BAH-dee,

Click the ifStockholm link and then click the English Flag (if you need) for English.

Roger in his interview told the Press the only tough match in Shanghai was Djoko !! Ha! Ha!

Now you know why I love this guy !!

He s
10/19/2010 | 06:36 PM

Last Line:

Here's to you & Roger then :-)

10/19/2010 | 06:34 PM

You're too kind - I had an inkling that was just perhaps the case. Still that was an ideal misunderstanding then, or as the famous Bard said, "All's well that ends well."

I'm grateful you find my letters entertaining. Could you kindly te
10/19/2010 | 04:54 PM
My dear Roger the Great,

I am so sad that you lost the final. You played a great match against Djokovic, I don’t know what happened to you in the final. Your draw was not easy, but you played brilliantly up to the semifinal match and worked so hard t
10/19/2010 | 04:04 PM
Dear Yukomi
Unfortunately "my name in print" was a mistake that I couldn't delete . All the same I am glad you liked it . I look forward to your letters almost as much as Roger winning.
Love flump
10/19/2010 | 03:43 PM
*JODOUG* - in addition to compassionate, also VERY INSIGHTFUL AND HELPFUL

10/19/2010 | 03:39 PM
aLL p.20

*Macbeth/Isabel* - so positive & affectionate.

*JODOUG* - so compassionate.

*Flump* - love that name and your sign off below your name(in print no less) was an absolute gem. Lovely.


my name in print
10/19/2010 | 10:43 AM
Dear Roger
You are definately on the up!!
Yukomi, even those of us with some scottish blood in our veins never support Murray.
Theluckyfed ,there is no need for foul language on this web site. If you can't say anything good then say nothing at all.
10/19/2010 | 10:29 AM
if you fans want to understand roger just look back at sampras. in 2000 which would the same age roger is now, sampras won 1 major (wimby) and one master series (miami). his ranking was #3. roger has won 1 major (AO) and 1 master series (cincy) and he was
10/19/2010 | 07:20 AM
Dear Maestro Roger, its been a few days since the final, I was so devastated at the result, yes Murray played well during the tournament but not as well as you, I am really sorry you didnt win the event, you deserved to, you were playing brilliantly until
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