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Welcome, Roger

10.07.2006 | Tennis

Fans4Roger, Roger's official fanclub, is going to welcome Roger at the airport in Basel today upon his return. The event will be held on a low profile as Roger has numerous other events to attend - sponsors, media, and the like. But don't let anything or anyone stop you - get on your way to Basel airport! We want to offer Roger a small, but enthusiastic welcome.


Meeting today, Monday:

Arrival hall airport Basel Mulhouse, 11.30

Roger's flight is expected at 12.00

Reception in the Arrival hall right afterward

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07/12/2006 | 08:12 PM
Dear Roger!

It is great to hear that you have come home safe. Now you can relax and enjoy some free time. I couldn't come to Basel, cause I'm to young, and don't have enough money to travel.

Enjoy the time with your family, friends and people who me
07/12/2006 | 07:52 PM
Dearest Roger,

It is good news that you are back in Basel now and resting...I was just browsing the thread at the www.menstennisforum.com regarding the psychological warfare going on between you and Nadal and it would be in good advice for you to read
07/12/2006 | 06:26 PM
Welcome!!! I wish I could be there to see you and share the excitement!
07/12/2006 | 05:16 PM
Congratulations, Roger! I was on the edge of my seat. You played beautifully. It was an exciting match.
Rest up ! You deserve a break. I'm looking forward to seeing you play when you come to Toronto, Canada in August. Your fan, Ali
07/12/2006 | 10:57 AM
I wish to meet you when you visit South Africa. You play beautifull entertaining tennis. Once when i was watching you play i screamed so loud the neighbours came to check if i'm ok.

Keep well!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/12/2006 | 09:10 AM
Welcome home, Roger. Unfortunately, we couldn't join this event. Delhi is still quite far away from Basel. However, Congratulations. We are sending you big hugs and warm wishes. All the Best, our World Number One.
07/12/2006 | 07:15 AM
wish i was there
07/12/2006 | 12:01 AM
Hey Roger I am very proud that you beat Nadal. It would have been sweet if you won in three sets but who is cmplaining. You were unbeliveable at Wimbledon great job hopefully you can also repeat at the U.S. Open then all the haters will have no reason to
07/11/2006 | 09:35 PM
I wish I could have been there! *sigh* why don't we all live in Basel? :-) anyway, congratulations!!!!
07/11/2006 | 09:35 PM
I wish I could have been there! *sigh* why don't we all live in Basel? :-) anyway, congratulations!!!!
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