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27.10.2010 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

I am excited to present my revamped website!


I am lucky to have such a great fan following in the 'real' world as well as on the web. We are currently counting over 310'000 members on my website and almost 3.5 million people have visited the site this year. It is thus a pleasure for me to be able to give all of you something in return. We have focused on designing the new site in a classic and clear way – something easy and enjoyable. I am sure you will appreciate the new technology, design and functions and I am already looking forward to reading your feedback.
See you soon

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11/07/2010 | 04:10 AM
just voted, tx!-->KYUUBI_YURA

just finished reading, tx!-->SANDY89


ok...who's Robbie Federer???? that's the name underneath his pix here, does anybody know????
11/07/2010 | 04:04 AM
hi there, champ~!!!

I'm finally able to INSERT COMMENTS by installing GOOGLE-CHROME as my 2nd-ary internet browser...however, this is the only reason why anyone, aka Roger's fans, would have to do to get to this website, however~!!

I'm able to access my other INTERNET NAVIGATOR since I've got my desktop shortcuts, like thank God~!!!

Anyhoo, tx 4 the painful process since as your dearest loyal fan, I'd do just about anythin' to get to u~!!!!
11/05/2010 | 06:09 PM
Wow this site looks awesome.It is much better then old one.Good luck Roger in your next match!
11/04/2010 | 09:34 AM
Its chic!!!!! Love the color scheme. Wish u the very best for the season ending tournaments.
11/03/2010 | 08:34 PM
Hurray!Finally. I am able to insert comment! :-) Thanks to Google chrome. This is wonderful new website nad peRFect as you are, Roger. I like it and can't wait to see you in France.Good luck in Basel, I am keeping my fingers crossed all the time.
Love you forever!
11/03/2010 | 02:12 PM
Hi friend fans
It's nice to see you here again...in this beautiful (new but old) HOME!
It's kind of funny, like if a bomb had fallen over us, and now we're waiting to see who survived. Some known and appreciated fans are still missing, but I'm sure they will little by little find the way back home!

Thanks ROGER for keeping your doors open for us!
11/03/2010 | 10:26 AM
This is one fantastic website Roger. Classic and really easy to use, thank you for making it so nice for us members.
11/02/2010 | 07:40 PM
I love your new website Roger! It's amazing!
I really like the design .It's very classic. And the thing i like the most is your logo on the top.
11/02/2010 | 10:24 AM
Hi, very , very, very, difficult to access the forum .
I hope something can be done....
You may say I´m a dreamer.....
11/01/2010 | 08:29 PM
GUYS!!!roger needs our votes on
get everyone you know to help vote,lets help roger!!!
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