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04.11.2010 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear users,

Thank you for your emails describing the problems with the new website.


We are aware of these problems, especially the forum, and are working on it to fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Your webteam

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11/13/2010 | 01:56 AM
the site is a bit slugish....the previous one was faster but this one looks better
11/11/2010 | 07:17 AM
this site is perfect like RF, but i have the web browser, opera, and i cant use the connection with facebook and maybe you can translate the website to Spanish thats will be great
11/09/2010 | 07:56 AM
could you plz just add 1 more thing on this website..give his match's live scores..it wud bcum perfect then...
11/08/2010 | 10:13 PM
Thank you very much for the new amazing web site !! First there were some problems but now I think they are all fixed and I am enjoying this great site :) !!
And I love the colors :) , they look so royal like Roger is !!
11/08/2010 | 07:19 PM
I can finally logout after I've visited the site. Thank you.
Also, I am so glad the dates are 11/08/2010 instead of the European style which made it very confusing for us in the U.S. I am glad we can read his schedule the way we are used to reading dates. Thank you for that too.
We can now follow him easier.
11/07/2010 | 06:16 AM
also, by clicking right into someone's name, then their profile would open, then CLICK INTO the SEND MESSAGE would I be able to send them an email from the inbox dialogue box...BTW: THE SEARCH BUTTON IS NOT WORKIN'~!!!!
11/07/2010 | 05:38 AM
Thank you WebTeam. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating & have reverted to FaceBook until this beautiful site is totally accessible. Best wishes, Pxx
11/07/2010 | 05:05 AM
http://www.rogerfederer.com/en/fanzone/guestbook.html --> THIS SITE'S ALSO FOR THOSE WHO MAY WANNA WISH OUR IDOL RF GOOD THOUGHTS, LIKE I JUST DID~!!!
11/07/2010 | 04:40 AM
yes, very frustrating, indeed~!!! anyhoo, I'm finally able to INSERT COMMENT, after installing GOOGLE-CHROME, and still able to get back INTERNET EXPLORER via desktop shortcuts since THIS IS THE ONLY THING I'M ABLE TO DO ON THIS GOOGLE-CHROME BROWSER IS TO LOG INTO HERE~!

anyhoo, I found out also that the inbox-reply only works by REPLYING BACK TO SOMEONE, and the SEARCH button is practically useless since I cannot find YUKIMI or SANDY89, had they NOT responded back to me at all...LIKE. HELP!
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