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04.11.2010 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear users,

Thank you for your emails describing the problems with the new website.


We are aware of these problems, especially the forum, and are working on it to fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Your webteam

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11/05/2010 | 08:04 AM
Thank you to the team around the web site. I am using chrome and the site is terrific, fast, a dream also very elegant, white and gold...yes
I do have a little problem, I made a comment in the forum and asked to get the email for the subject "how do I like about the site" and I wrote, glad not to see the flag, we are a world family and was interested to find out who was interested. I can't stop the mail to get in my email box..where do I go to stop it? as ever optimist English or French writing
11/05/2010 | 06:55 AM
Thank you. We know you are having a huge work. The site is beautiful, it will be amazing when all the problems will be fixed. Thanks you also for taking the time of answering all of our personal questions.
11/05/2010 | 06:48 AM
thanx for having a look after the problem plz solve it fast
11/05/2010 | 03:47 AM
Thank You!
11/05/2010 | 02:43 AM
Thanks for the feedback. Slighly frustrated it took so long though...Anyway good luck with it.
11/05/2010 | 01:47 AM
I agree with other Fans: Thanks to the Web Team- specially Andrea, who contacted me- for the quick responses to my e-mails and the interest they show in order to solve the problems.
11/05/2010 | 12:46 AM
It's OK!
I'm waiting for you!
11/04/2010 | 11:32 PM
goodluck webteam:)
11/04/2010 | 11:31 PM
hi,rog you don`t need luck you haved it already for a long time until now all i can say is just do it, yeah you can do it kick èm all and regain the the title:)
11/04/2010 | 09:47 PM
Thank you for the update. I am also grateful to Roger for providing us this with this wonderful site and a place for fans to come together. I appreciate all the efforts of the webteam to fix the problems. Your work is much appreciated!
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