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Quarters in Paris

11.11.2010 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger continued his quest for a fifth title this season by defeating Radek 6-4, 6-3 at the BNP Paribas Masters today.

Roger had to face rather tough resistance from Stepanek and was only able to score a break at the end of set number one. But he continued just the same, breaking early in the second set and bringing it home safely. Once again, Roger's serve was a great help, scoring a total of 11 aces - although he did face two break-points today.

Our champ will now meet Jürgen Melzer (ATP 12) in the quarter finals. He defeated the Austrian in straight set in Wimbledon and New York this year. Should Roger make it into the semis, it would be his best result so far at the tournament in Paris-Bercy.

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11/12/2010 | 08:56 PM

Now, let's rest up for that mammoth-irritant, aka wolfman 2morrow, perhaps....
11/12/2010 | 08:55 PM
Semis for the first time :) :)
11/12/2010 | 08:34 PM
much tighter 2nd set! Melzer definitely upped his game
11/12/2010 | 08:33 PM
Allez Roger! :)
11/12/2010 | 08:17 PM
well, Melzer tightened up his game in 2nd set...

C'monn, Roger~!!! A break w/b nice right about now~!!!!
11/12/2010 | 08:13 PM
wow, 1st set in sublime 20 mins., folks! [http://www.fft.fr/bnpparibasmasters/2010_en/?ID=6780]
8.04 pm: 6-1 Rog in 20 minutes. Whoosh. When I said Melzer was overawed, I meant it.

7.55 pm: 4-0 Rog. Melzer is dropping short and you name it – forehands, backhands – Rog is killin’ ‘em.
11/12/2010 | 08:06 PM
Great first set against Melzer .... lovely to watch as usual xx
11/12/2010 | 08:05 PM
ok, 1st set down as the greatest soOo far, 6-1, pls. keep up your FEDEROCITY~!!!

it'll be real nice if it's also 6-1, soOoOo, u can get off the court EARLY & REST UP for perhaps that toothy wolfman next....

A L L E Z~!!
C A R P E D I E M~!!!
11/12/2010 | 07:59 PM
wow, just came back from mornin' break at work, and the livescoreboard wuz just showin' 3-0, Roger, and now...presto-voila 4-0??????

like, Roger's on his FEDEROCITY ROLL, soOoOo watch out, wolfman...OUR LION KING IS COMIN' 4 'YAAA, AS HE'LL TAKE A BITE OUT OF U & WATCH U BLEED DRY~!!!!

wow, I really hope that Monfils will triumph over that toothy wolfman or at least give him a HARDY-HARDFOUGHT 3 SETTERS LATER~!!!!
11/12/2010 | 07:26 PM
The second set was incredible. It was a delight for the eyes!
Thanks for so much joy!!!
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