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Roger reaches semis

12.11.2010 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has reached the semi-finals of the Masters in Paris-Bercy for the first in his career thanks to a 6-1, 7-6(4) victory against Jürgen Melzer today.

Roger showed another terrific display, racing to a 3-0 lead in the first set and wrapping it up in a quarter of an hour. Melzer improved on his serve in the second set, taking it into a tie-break after no breaks on both sides. Roger had to recover from trailing 3-4, but scored 4 points in a row and thus securing his spot in the round of the last four. Roger had 18 aces and 33 winners overall today.

The victory also means that Roger will hold the number two ranking until the end of 2010. He will now play Gaël Monfils in Saturday's semi-finals.

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11/13/2010 | 09:09 PM
SOL MI ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BELLLO, I can not believe I almost INFARCTION, sorry, do not get ill, it was a week where you played a SPECTACULAR TENNIS THANKS, AND AGAIN We were becoming accustomed to your success, get some rest and PREPARE FOR STRONG LONDON . KISSES TO THE FAMILY, I LOVE YOU ROSI DE ARGENTINA
11/13/2010 | 09:05 PM
Set 3: At the beginning everything went in the best way. The whole match was in your hands and it was really you playing on the court in Roger's style , but then don't know what happened to you. You missed 5 match points.
No matter what you'll always have my support. It's just that i wanted to know what were those changes that were happening all the time.
Good luck in London and please try not to be nervous because that's not you.
11/13/2010 | 08:58 PM
When Gael saved the first two match points, I knew that it was not to be your win. And after that the errors were bad. But when you get to the ball and then still hit it long after that, you know that whatever you do will not be good enough. Like England soccer team in a world cup penalty shoot out or John Terry taking the deciding penalty in the Champions League. You still showed some great touches though. Last tournament of the year is where you will come good.
11/13/2010 | 08:58 PM
BTW: 5 UNCONVERTED breakpoints in 3rd set???

ok...pls. stop sprayin' your forehands & concentrate on convertin' those darn breaks~!!

POSITIVE: at least, u made it to SF here in Paris while the Joker lost 910 pts.

There's next week in London against Top 8 players, soOoOo let's regroup 4 that one, puh-leez~!!!
11/13/2010 | 08:58 PM
I have so much to say about today's match Roger! It doesn't matter that you lost, i mean you lost today , but you'll win tomorrow, but the thing that was so confusing and surprising and strange was you.
Set 1: You were definitely not in a good mood and you were so nervous (don't know why) and you were arguing so much with the referee!
Set 2: Hmmm... better than the first set, and the real Roger was coming back and he finally came. You were playing very well and just getting better.
11/13/2010 | 08:54 PM
Nooo...yo estoy muyyy molesta...tantas oportunidades de match..no puedo creerlo Roger, qué te pasó??? Tu eres mucho mejor que Monfils!!
Ojalá y te recuperes y entrenes mucho para ganar en Londres!
Animo para mi y también para ti hermoso!
11/13/2010 | 08:48 PM
oh, well, rest up, champ...

regroup for barclays/London...BIGGER WOLFPACK CIRCLIN' THERE~!!

c'monnnn, let's do it for your 18th ATP/66th title!

we're CRUSHED that u didn't wipe that wild thing off the court today...

but, we're ENCOURAGED that u can BRING IT ON comes next week~!!!
11/13/2010 | 08:46 PM
sorry, my computer's bloop for 2 many repeats...
11/13/2010 | 08:45 PM
I am crushed !!!
So disappointed for Roger...
He wanted to win this match so badly,
Such a rollercoaster of a match !!!
I was pacing!... and watching !...and praying !!!
It was so close so many times...
I still can't believe that Roger didn't come through...
Well the Parisians are happy, one of their own in the final

Roger, its OK darling ! go home and rest with your family
You have more time to prepare for London
We're so proud of you ! a great indoor season !
Love you always
11/13/2010 | 08:36 PM
oh, well, better luck next time...u've gone FURTHER than u ever did b4 here in Paris~!!!

just too bad, really~!!

the French is tough in defendin' their turf...oh, well, a final that won't mean much unless the wild thing Monfils win for his people~!

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