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Roger visits 10 Downing Street

19.11.2010 | Tennis, Starseite 3

The eight players fighting for the crown of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals met British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday. "It's fantastic that the ATP World Tour Finals tournament is back in London for the second year running. It's great for London and great for the country."

Roger, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Robin Soderling, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, David Ferrer and Andy Roddick met Cameron at 10 Downing Street for a group photo and then went on to a private reception.

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11/20/2010 | 05:22 PM
There are a lot of Spaniards voting, don't forget. Not too many Swiss unfortunately. And the rest are jealous of the Maestro anyway. Wasn't it this year at Wimbledon that Nadal's Uncle Toni was fined for coaching from the sidelines? It takes 2 to do that. Sportsmanship my arse.
11/20/2010 | 05:20 PM
Roger, no matter what you will always be Fans' Favourite. All the best in London!
11/20/2010 | 05:19 PM
Nadal winning the "Sportsmanship...eccc..." isnt' shocking, it's simply indecent!!
Please players, more objectivity....
11/20/2010 | 05:16 PM
Roger you are look so smart
i love you so much
11/20/2010 | 05:04 PM
Dear Roger

So happy and so proud that you won the" Fans' Favourite Award" again this year for the 8th consecutive year !!! We do love , admire and respect you without bonds !!!
11/20/2010 | 04:58 PM

Really I could see you very well in the role!!
And coming out of 10 of DOWNING STREET, you was the best "Tirè au quatre epingles!!!!!",
not just compared to the other players, but better also Mr. David Cameron in person!!
If you would be the English Prime Minister, I bet that Queen Elisabeth would be there each afternoon for the Tea of the 5, punctual as a Swiss watch!!

And THE THAMES approves.....
11/20/2010 | 04:52 PM
Dear Roger
Congratulations!! You got the Fan favourite award, I'm so happy because of that. As a matter of fact I was sure you would have got it! You are the only tennis player who deserves it. I'm sorry for the ATP sportsmanship award, but you had not enough luck or there was something else to happen after AO! Anyhow, for me, nothing has changed: YOU HAVE BEEN, YOU ARE AND YOU'LL BE THE BEST TENNIS PLAYER FOREVER!!!
Good luck dearest Roger
Go, Roger, gooooooooo!
Love, Mimi
11/20/2010 | 04:43 PM
I have just one question for you Rog : How do you ALWAYS manage to look soooo distinctively handsome and soooo totally thud-worthy even when you're dressed almost exactly the same to the other 7 men?

Rog you answer this for me and I've nothing else to say! ;-)
Except,of course.....Best of luck! :)

love ya.....
11/20/2010 | 04:39 PM
Dear Federer,

You are fully right about the "the muscular, super athletic".
I don't like any tennis player who is showing the muscles during the matches. Some players like Nadal who is taking break during the match to take some medicine, to look at trainer for some advise how to play, etc., and finally they won.
Stay as far, you can, from any enemy.
You are so special person thus not many tennis players and peoples like.

Good like, take care, be health to pick up London trophy.