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Lindt Christmas Lighting Event

19.11.2010 | Off Court, Starseite 2

Earlier this week, the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Factory was the setting for a spectacular light show. Roger, the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers and Ernst Tanner, Chairman and CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli, set the kick-off for the festive light projections by artist Gerry Hofstetter. Around 8000 visitors marvelled at the festive images and enjoyed the magical Christmas village around the chocolate factory.

Shortly after 7 p.m., Ernst Tanner, Chairman and CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli, opened the first Lindt Christmas Lighting Event. He welcomed the crowd and said enthusiastically: "Today, a Christmas fairytale will come true – for everyone who loves Lindt chocolate and enjoys being enchanted by Gerry Hofstetter's fantastic light illuminations". This was the cue for Roger. Acclaimed by the onlookers, he stepped onto the stage in front of the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Factory in Kilchberg. Our champ admitted it was a real honour for him to be there: "I take some of Lindt's fine chocolate with me to every match, and here in Kilchberg is where it is made. Spending a whole evening devoted to chocolate is a wonderful Christmas present."

Light projections to continue until 26 December
The atmospheric light projections can be seen until 26 December. Every morning from about 6 a.m. until 8 a.m. and in the evening from 5 p.m. to approx. 10 p.m. a different image will appear on the facade of the chocolate factory. The Lindt Christmas letterbox next to Santa's house will also remain until Christmas. Five winners will be drawn from all completed wish lists every weekend throughout Advent, and will have their chocolate Christmas wishes granted.

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11/22/2010 | 01:23 AM
good and glad that you liked this Christmas present.
Lindt is always the finest chocolate for me. :)

by the way, may you please show the "Light Projections" here on this web?
thank you very much.
11/21/2010 | 04:53 PM
Swiss chocolate is sweet and a bit bitter.
Adding a milk, it is mild...It is like you:-)
You are best husband and father.
God bless you.
11/21/2010 | 08:53 AM
I love Roger and chocolate
and I like whatever he does

Good luck in London

11/21/2010 | 06:11 AM
Well done maestro!


11/21/2010 | 05:51 AM
Great. You are so busy!
You look beautiful cooking, do like cooking?
What did you put in that chocolate bar? It must be the most delicious of them all!
I like the bitter 70% with orange it’s great for brownies.
You look dashing with your coat sprinkling beauty and charm all over the chocolate factory.
You are the blue prince of the fairytale, lucky people from Lindt!
11/21/2010 | 05:50 AM
Chocolate is already something wonderful, well you make it better!
I will surely make my Christmas wish, it would be marvelous if I could get it!
I love you beautiful wonderful Roger…
Isabel. :)
11/20/2010 | 08:30 PM
What a great event!! :)
Good Luck .. And Definately I Will Eat One Of Thats!
11/20/2010 | 06:09 PM
I am sure it wa a wonderful evening especially with your presence there. I also enjoy Lindt choco every day. They pick the best for the best...
Stay happy and always enjoy all you have, like your health, your talent, your success, your sense of humour, you wonderful wife and your 2 little sweeties, including your entire family. Congratulations Roger ! You are the man, and always will be.
love you, marie in mtl
11/20/2010 | 04:40 PM
It was a great event,and you looked super gorgeous Rog! :)

love ya...
11/20/2010 | 04:15 PM
It´s so beautiful!!!!!!!!
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