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Roger easily defeats Murray

23.11.2010 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger once again proved he has Andy Murray's number when it comes to the big matches with a crushing 6-4 6-2 victory over the Scotsman at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals today.

Bidding for a record-equalling fifth title at the year-ending showpiece, Roger cruised to victory this afternoon in a packed O2 Arena with a minimum of fuss. Murray already had to save break points in the opening game but made it though. Roger kept digging and already broke to love on the Scot's second service game. Roger held the important lead and finally closed the first set after 36 minutes. The second set was even more a display of Roger's great form as he raced to a 4-0 lead. After some more spectacular points Roger enjoyed a deserved standing ovation from the London crowd.

Should Ferrer win at least one set against Söderling this evening, Roger has already booked his spot in the semi-finals.

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11/25/2010 | 12:12 AM
Oh, also, what's up with all these cheesy "ONLY ONE KISS" and "RAFA MARRY ME" and "LOVE AND HEART" signs held by some female supporters of Rafa?

I've never seen such signs held by female supporters of Roger (even before his marriage). Could it be that the dignity, class, and elegance of the fans speak volumes about the characteristics of the tennis player himself? Just sayin'.
11/25/2010 | 12:04 AM
FEDELEGANT - No, Murray has the "I'm a Brit when I win and a Scot when I lose" syndrome. Always tough to overcome at the 02. Good thing is he will be hungry enough to beat Rafa just so that he can get a vengeful crack at Roger in the final. LOL.
11/24/2010 | 11:54 PM
Well, it looks like they really want Nadal to be the Group A winner.

OK, then. I hope Murray qualifies as the Group B runner up, as I always love seeing those two going after each other!

By the way, I don't think Murray has contact lenses, does he?
11/24/2010 | 11:40 PM
OK I'm no conspiracy theorist but puhleeeeze. What is going on in London? Now he faces the choker Berdych? Give me a break! He's going to go from not winning a set (last year) to winning all three of his RR matches. CONSPIRACY!!
11/24/2010 | 11:37 PM
Dear Roger
I am aware of the importance of this WTF for you and think it would be the best if you win tomorrow, no matter who is the runner up in the other group. I agree with the fans who say that YOU CAN BEAT ANYBODY! Yes, it's true. I don't like some things I witness, some calcilations! Or it looks like a calculation!!
I wish you all the best tomorrow and till the end of the WTF.
Good luck dearest Roger
Go, Roger, goooooooooo!
Love, Mimi
11/24/2010 | 11:35 PM
I still cannot believe it ...

Nadal 2 - Contact Lens 0
11/24/2010 | 11:34 PM

I'm slowly getting worried. This is all starting to look like the US Open 2010; the easiest road to a Grand Slam in the history of tennis. Is there a plan to finally make sure Nadal will win at least "1" end-of-the-season tour finals, because it kind of looks bad for the "World Number One" to have never won any of those?
11/24/2010 | 11:28 PM
FEDELEGANT - maybe thy're all throwing those matches so that their golden-boy has a chance at winning the thing.
11/24/2010 | 11:27 PM
Once again I was censored by those twits at TennisTV while watching Rafa-Djoker, Every time I tried to point out Rafa's fine at Wimbly for cheating they didn't post it. There isn't even an email for me to rant at them. I have to sit there and read all the horrible lies Rafa fans write about our Fed and I can't retaliate. Brutal. I hate that I actually pay to subscribe to that joke of a website with their bad quality streaming.
11/24/2010 | 11:11 PM
Do we have such a thing as EGOAT : Easiest Group of All Time?

I mean, Roddick lost it when he was clearly beating Nadal.

And now, Djoker losing because of his CONTACT LENS? (was playing excellent until his contact lens started to malfunction)

What is Berdych going to give to Nadal as a gift on Friday? A huge CHOKE?