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Roger through to semis

25.11.2010 | Starseite 1, Tennis

Roger once again displayed great tennis today, defeating Robin Söderling 7-6(5), 6-3 and is the first player to book his spot in the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

Söderling tried to dominate Roger with his serve today but the sheer class of our champ showed through. The first set was pretty close with Roger taking it 7-6(5) and it is at this point that he looked like he had put his foot down on the gas. The second set saw Roger get into his stride and play some of those lovely ground strokes that we love. He broke in the eighth game with a couple of classy points and completed his 15th victory in 16 encounters with Soderling in 88 minutes. Roger's variation of play and his serve were outstanding.

He will now play the player coming second in group A on Saturday.

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11/26/2010 | 11:48 PM
Good luck Roger for the semi, you can win :-) Thank you for signing my book on Thursday when i was able to meet you getting off the Thames Clipper. Wish i could be there to see you play on Saturday. I was there on the first Sunday to see you win, which was great. Will be watching on tv, and willing you to make the final. Good luck Roger and many kisses for our champ. xxxxxxxx
11/26/2010 | 11:47 PM
The point should have been replayed...
It 's not RN's challenge that's objectionable,its the way he conducts himself
Even if he was right, he turned it into his usual distracting rant ...
A respectable sportsman would disagree, accept the ruling, apologize to the other player and go on, as rapidly as possible. He has no consideration for his fellow players (!!!) I felt sorry for Berdych...how could he maintain concentration in
this ruckus ! but then he probably voted for him???
11/26/2010 | 11:45 PM
If a player stops play during a point and then loses the ensuing challenge, the point obviously goes to the other player.
11/26/2010 | 11:43 PM
That says to me that Nadal wanted to challenge the point and if that is the case then Nadal stopped play during the point which means, no matter who challenged after that, while it was all very confusing, Berdych wins the point based on the fact that Nadal stopped play.
11/26/2010 | 11:42 PM
A Berdych drive near the baseline prompted Nadal to raise his index finger either indicating the ball landed long or issuing a challenge. Chair umpire Carlos Bernardes immediately called the ball out. Berdych challenged the call and Hawk Eye replay showed his shot grazed the back of the baseline. Bernardes announced the score as 15-30 in favor of Berdych.
11/26/2010 | 11:37 PM
11/26/2010 | 11:37 PM
I just found this report on Bleacher Report: Apparently it was Berdych who challenged, but both Rafa and Berdych and Hawkeye were right and the umpire was wrong :-)
11/26/2010 | 11:36 PM

I agree with Dutchlady...I was not at the 02but I watched the match
Berd hit a ball on the baseline,the line judge ruled it OUT ,the umpire ruled it IN
and gave Berd the point.
In the meantime RN returned the ball, the return was GOOD
RN wanted Berd's ball to be ruled IN so he (RN) could get his point...
He challenged the ump's decision. Hawkeye ruled the ball IN but the ump gave the point to Berd...RN went bonkers,in spanish, said he wouldn't play anym
11/26/2010 | 11:34 PM
The umpire overruled the linejudge (who gave the ball in) and called the ball out. Nadal had played the point because he saw it in. Nadal was right and his challenge was right and the umpire was proven wrong by Hawkeye (who gave Nadal right). Because Nadal played the ball correctly in spite of the out call by the umpire he should have been given a let i.e. the point should have been replayed.
11/26/2010 | 11:18 PM
Congrats, Roger. Good luck in the SF.