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Roger through to semis

25.11.2010 | Starseite 1, Tennis

Roger once again displayed great tennis today, defeating Robin Söderling 7-6(5), 6-3 and is the first player to book his spot in the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

Söderling tried to dominate Roger with his serve today but the sheer class of our champ showed through. The first set was pretty close with Roger taking it 7-6(5) and it is at this point that he looked like he had put his foot down on the gas. The second set saw Roger get into his stride and play some of those lovely ground strokes that we love. He broke in the eighth game with a couple of classy points and completed his 15th victory in 16 encounters with Soderling in 88 minutes. Roger's variation of play and his serve were outstanding.

He will now play the player coming second in group A on Saturday.

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11/27/2010 | 04:13 AM
***Thank you Joke [Dutchlady] ***P 3 11/26/2010 11.02pm for your excellent explanation re the incident between Berdych and Nadal. It all makes sense to me and you are quite correct. It is how we saw it ,you WERE courtside and as you mentioned 'eye witness' to it.Also you are a tennis player so know the rules and regulations better than some.

I hope that you ,Joke ,continue to enjoy the WTF live at O2.
Kind regards
11/27/2010 | 04:05 AM
I've just gotten home and read all the posts I missed while I was out tonight and really they are truly inspiring. How can Roger not win with such great fans behind him. I know he doesn't really have a chance to read these posts but if he did he would for sure feel like the luckiest man alive. He really leads a charmed life and has the greatest fans in the world. So I salute all of you for being there for Roger through thick and thin. Good luck tomorrow Champ. We'll see you in the final!!
11/27/2010 | 03:35 AM
gr8 mtch rog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scared me in d 1st set cuz robin wz servn ammmmazn!!!!!!!!!!!
bt den itz u aftr all...........u playd beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza luk agnst djoko!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/27/2010 | 03:35 AM
You are doing awesome! I see some of the players having trouble with the forehand blast down the middle. Like Agassi says, "when in trouble, hit it hard and deep down the middle". Only Nadal has the pickup ability to handle your low blast while he is moving. Looking forward to your destruction of DJ Okovic and a great final,
11/27/2010 | 03:31 AM
All the best for you in your next match against Novak. Im sure you can reach the final and is likely u have to figth with Nadal. U have to demostrate you are the best. Come on rog! All your fans included me of course will support you as always, but first just focus in your next match against Novk
11/27/2010 | 02:52 AM

I hope you can convey your previous wish tomorrow. Our Champ is on a roll here. He's gonna lift the trophy on Sunday.
11/27/2010 | 02:13 AM
Of course I meant to say "All the best against Novak". Sorry about that.
11/27/2010 | 02:11 AM
Your tennis is absolute magic, Roger! Great win against Soderling. All the best against Andy. One more win and then the really big one. Go, Roger!
11/27/2010 | 01:54 AM
Hey Champ, all the best for tomorrow. I just want to reiterate that you stay mentally fresh and strong. Don't ever let the thought of other group's crap creep into your mind. Just stay on top of your game. You're gonna rock. Continue the steamroll...
11/27/2010 | 01:53 AM
Roger, our dear Champ, all your fans will be fighting with you to defeat Djokovik.
All the best for the semifinal !!!!