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World Tour Finals - Webnews

29.11.2010 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Federer and Nadal Rekindle a Rivalry

(The Wall Street Journal)

Tennis has a rivalry again. In London on Sunday, Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 in the ATP World Tour Finals. Though the match wasn't a classic, it did much to reinvigorate a clash that recently had become one-sided. The 24-year-old Mr. Nadal had won six of their previous seven meetings and this season had distanced himself from the 29-year-old Mr. Federer by winning three-straight Grand Slam singles titles, including his first U.S. Open.

Even on his best days, Mr. Federer has had trouble with Mr. Nadal's high-bouncing forehand and endless hustle. Mr. Federer brought a new approach to London, though. Since he began working with Paul Annacone, Pete Sampras's former coach, this summer, Mr. Federer has taken more chances, hit his topspin backhand more often and looked for more opportunities to approach the net. His final charge Sunday began with an aggressive play one rarely sees these days: a serve return followed by an immediate approach to the net and two consecutive volleys. Mr. Federer rattled off the last five games and won all three of his break points, a rare feat against the Spaniard. Mr. Nadal has never won the season-ending championships, and he has never beaten Mr. Federer in an indoor match. And so yes, there's room for more in this rivalry in 2011 and beyond. May it never end.

Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal is like Ali versus Frazier, but with racquets for gloves

(The Telegraph)

The greatest rivalries in sporting history have thrived on the highs and lows, the to’s and the fro’s, but they fade away when inevitability strikes. So there were moments after the second set of yet another fabulous chapter of the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal saga here at the O2 Arena that it just felt that we might be witnessing the end of a thrilling duopoly and the advent of a Spanish monopoly.

We had been here before; Federer, the prince, forging ahead, offering shotmaking from the Gods, looking untouchable – “unplayable,” Nadal called his opening barrage – like the best there has ever been. Then finding himself being pegged back inexorably by tennis’s relentless dementor, the most astonishing athlete his sport has witnessed, sucking away his confidence and belief.

Federer confidence soaring again

(IOL sport)

Roger Federer's year-end triumph over world No.1 Rafael Nadal has given him a shot in the arm ahead of the 2011 season. He has proved the validity of tennis planning as the Swiss re-asserted himself once again at the elite level with his fifth year-end trophy lifted at the weekend over Rafael Nadal in London.

Federer's 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 defeat of the Spanish world No.1 at the World Tour Finals puts the Swiss straight back into the conversation when talk turns to the pair who currently dominate the game. Federer will head off on a well-deserved family holiday, confident that his 2010 planning and dedication to detail has paid off in huge confidence dividends.

The 29-year-old is quick to praise his coaching team of old hand Severin Lüthi and new American hire Paul Annacone for helping him turn the corner this season to end with five titles from nine finals.

Roger Federer is unplayable, admits beaten Rafa Nadal


Rafa Nadal claimed Roger Federer had been "unplayable" after the Swiss superstar ended his season in style last night.

By winning the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, world No.2 Federer avenged his defeat in their last London meeting - the epic Wimbledon final of 2008. And his sensational brand of attacking tennis showed the 29-year-old still has the hunger and ability to win back the status as the best player on the planet.

Federer eyes return to top in 2011 after ATP win


Roger Federer believes his ATP World Tour Finals triumph against Rafael Nadal will provide him with the perfect springboard to return to the top in 2011. Although Federer is publicly adamant he has nothing to be disappointed about over the last 12 months, privately he will feel a nagging sense of regret at the loss of the world number one ranking to Nadal, who also took the French Open and Wimbledon titles from the Swiss star.

That was what made the 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 victory over Nadal in the final at London's O2 Arena on Sunday so significant for the world number two.
In Federer's mind, his record-equalling fifth title in the prestigious end-of-year event was secondary to the message the win sent to Nadal and his other rivals at the top of the rankings.

Federer tops Nadal for season-ending title

(The Washington Post)

Roger Federer turned his high-profile, season-ending match against Rafael Nadal into little more than an exhibition.

Federer gave his rival little chance to mount a challenge in the 22nd meeting between two of the greatest players of all time, winning his fifth season-ending title, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, at the ATP World Tour Finals on Sunday in London.

Federer won an incredible 92 percent of the points played on his first serve in the final, and lost only 13 points on serve in the entire match.

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11/30/2010 | 04:57 PM
why they cant understand that Roger know how to play smart snd conserve his energy they repeat the same story when ever Nadal is beaten by our hero that Nadal is run out of gas
Writing for El Pais, Andy Murray’s coach Alex Corretja believes it was Nadal’s marathon semi-final clash with the British No. 1 that cost him the title.

“At the end, Rafa Nadal was completely out of gas. [After the match with Murray] the consequences were clear: he didn’t need a miracle to have the chance to w
11/30/2010 | 04:11 PM
thank you very much Roger for such a wonderful christmas present! be sure to get lots of rest and have some happy holidays!
11/30/2010 | 03:25 PM
Dear Roger,
Congrats on your great win. " Merry Chrismas to you and your loved ones ".

See you in 2011.
11/30/2010 | 03:07 PM
Let them talk and talk one thing is for sure : NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU FED
11/30/2010 | 03:05 PM
11/30/2010 | 12:41 PM
You are the legend of tennis
wonderful maestro

Love you

11/30/2010 | 12:36 PM
Sorry, want to make some amendment here. Actually, it's I have "never" enjoyed a moment seeing an elegant player like Roger playing against someone.......
My mistake missing the word "never".
11/30/2010 | 12:26 PM
To be honest, I never think this "rivalry" is "great". I never liked it. It's totally unfair that Roger's main rival is someone who's 5 years younger than him. Gosh! 5 years' difference is quite a lot in the game of tennis. I wonder if they would give Nadal a 24 years old player as his rivalry to challenge him when he's 29. Besides, I have enjoyed a moment seeing an elegant player like Roger who's a poetry in motion on the court playing against someone who picks his own butt every 10 seconds.
11/30/2010 | 12:09 PM
Congratulations Roger for the final ,you played unbelievable for the whole week especially in the last two matches you were marvelous you are really the maestro and the king of this game , please get rest and enjoy you holiday with your beautiful family and get ready for 2011 we are all behind you and supporting you , we can't wait until we see you in action again.