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Match for Africa

21.12.2010 | Starseite 1, Foundation

Roger is going to play Rafael Nadal in the 'Match for Africa' in Zurich today. Follow our champ all day long via Facebook or check out the latest pictures in the "Match for Africa" gallery.


Catch us live on ESPN2 at 2:30 pm!

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12/21/2010 | 07:02 PM
I love YOU
12/21/2010 | 07:02 PM
you can roger,you can.
12/21/2010 | 06:57 PM
Hi Roger,

I am looking forward to see the match for Africa!
You will win because you are the greatest tennis champion!
Go Roger and good luck.
12/21/2010 | 06:36 PM
some one pleeeeze telecast the match on tv....or for god sake tell me a link other than tennistv.com!!
12/21/2010 | 06:28 PM
IDOL RF EPOAT do you know whether it will be televised in ASIA plz reply
12/21/2010 | 06:08 PM
Have fun, Roger. You are so generous for taking time out of your holidays to do this, and flying back and forth from Dubai right before Christmas. Keep smiling, we love to see that! :)
12/21/2010 | 06:02 PM
Allez, Roger~!!!

'Twas nice of u 2 pick up RN @ the Airport...Like, will he do the same 4 u in Madrid??

Anyhoo, pls. bring on your FEDEROCITY to down RN, even if it's just an exhibition since Zurich & Madrid are both on your hometurf: INDOOR HARDCOURTS, and what better time to even your H2H, esp. when it doesn't count?

A WIN'S A WIN'S A WIN...Let's go, champ~!
12/21/2010 | 05:08 PM
Hi Roger,

I will watch the match on Tennis.com. What the beautiful pictures by Simon Kessler! They revealed the greatest rivalry yet the greatest friendship on tennis history. The fierce rivalry makes the game of tennis so enjoyable. So, please keep playing against Rafa as fiercely as possible and I am sure Rafa never thought about friendship when he played you on the court. Only the competitiveness will attract real fans. The friendship coats the rivalry with gold!
12/21/2010 | 05:01 PM
Can't wait for this great match. Good luck Champ. You are the best of the best!
12/21/2010 | 04:53 PM
can't wait to see the game .good luck with champ.you are the best of the best!
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