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Match for Africa

21.12.2010 | Starseite 1, Foundation

Roger is going to play Rafael Nadal in the 'Match for Africa' in Zurich today. Follow our champ all day long via Facebook or check out the latest pictures in the "Match for Africa" gallery.


Catch us live on ESPN2 at 2:30 pm!

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12/21/2010 | 04:39 PM
Can't wait for this great match. Good luck Champ. Have fun and THANK YOU for such a kind gesture :)
12/21/2010 | 04:36 PM
Dear Roger and Mirka Federer,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both, to your daughters and to your parents too!

Thank you for what you both have been done for the tennis sport.
12/21/2010 | 04:09 PM
Forza Roger per queste 2 partite e per il 2011 ! Come on !
12/21/2010 | 04:06 PM
Have fun outhere and stay healthy.
12/21/2010 | 03:43 PM
Hi Roger
I am very excited waiting to see you in Madrid tomorrow in the magic Box winning Nadal again, beacuse I hope you are going to do the same this afternoon in Zürich.
Viel Glück für diese abend and für morgen auch!!!
12/21/2010 | 03:35 PM
Hi ROGI!!!**Is it cold ???!!!***
Ha ha aha...Such a silly question !! Zurich in christmas time ..No clder than it could be!!! You look shaking under the coat!!!
Actually, here in Dubai, we're still wearing half sleeves T-shirts and sometimes we turn on the A.C.!!
Well, here we're again after a deserved rest of significant end of season. and this time for charity exhibit.match..Hope you'll enjoy it..Can't wait till that time
Good luck
God blees you
Foerever your friend
12/21/2010 | 03:34 PM
Dear Roger, God bless you for the greatest heart you have, seeing you is such a blessing, you inspire too much, you will never imagine the impact that your acts have in our lives, your soul and heart are especial, you have an angel and an "aura" blessed for God. I will never get tired to say that for me you are God´s masterpiece... you are God´s perfect divine creation for this world!... love you champion... love you my boy!
12/21/2010 | 03:34 PM
Great match for great intention
with all the best for you, dear Roger
12/21/2010 | 03:27 PM
congratulations, champ! waiting for great match
12/21/2010 | 03:02 PM
All d best Rogi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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