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Match for Africa

21.12.2010 | Starseite 1, Foundation

Roger is going to play Rafael Nadal in the 'Match for Africa' in Zurich today. Follow our champ all day long via Facebook or check out the latest pictures in the "Match for Africa" gallery.


Catch us live on ESPN2 at 2:30 pm!

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12/21/2010 | 02:58 PM
At what time would be the match televised does any body knows.
12/21/2010 | 02:47 PM
Roger you look so handsome ♥♥♥♥

Best of luck!!!! you are the best!!!!
12/21/2010 | 02:30 PM
i follow u all the day on facebook Roger
i love ur pics
u look so cute when u feel cold
i will be a great day for u and for ur fans
enjoy my love
12/21/2010 | 02:18 PM
Have fun Roger!
Can't wait to hear the interview! Great that we will have match on TV! Thank you!
12/21/2010 | 02:01 PM
I posted a comment previously, but it hasn't appeared. Was it censored? I'll try again.
1) Joy! Eurosport will televise the match this evening. Brilliant.
2) I should like to donate, but not living in Switzerland don't see how.
3) The vote for who's going to win the match is a bit redundant on this site, isn't it. How many are going to vote for Nadal??? (Well, 3 % did, but even so ...)
12/21/2010 | 01:56 PM
Best of Luck Roge......for a worthy cause... Love you !
12/21/2010 | 01:47 PM
Roger you look so handsome to much
i falling in love to you
i love you
12/21/2010 | 01:37 PM
My dear Roger....do you know that I love you????
...and do you know tha t I love you even more good when you commit to others?
Unfortunately, I wil not be able to see your match.....I'm pretty sure that it will be a fantastic show!!!!!
Thanks for existing, Roger!!!!!
12/21/2010 | 01:33 PM
Hello Roger, seems to me very well these games in support to your foundation, Rafa and you is going to enjoy.
Best Regards!
12/21/2010 | 01:21 PM
Good Luck Roger!!
Please enjoy it with Rafa today.

Come on!!
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