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Match for Africa - a great success!

22.12.2010 | Foundation, Starseite 3

Roger and Rafael Nadal came together in Zurich today for the 'Match for Africa'. The world numbers one and two competed in front of a great crowd in the Hallenstadion in order to raise money for the Roger Federer Foundation.

The two friends showed most entertaining tennis, earning applause and Mexican waves. Roger lost the opening set, but eventually defeated Rafa in his home-match 4-6, 6-3, 6-3.

A lot more important than the result on court is the fact that with the event a total of 2.5 million Swiss Francs were generated! The money will be used for education projects in Africa supported by the Roger Federer Foundation.

Roger experienced a day full of different activities. He picked up Rafa at the airport in the morning and personally drove him into town. After having lunch together, they made their way to a kids-clinic, various activities with sponsors and eventually the big finale. Tomorrow Rafa will be the host as they will be meeting again the same way in Madrid, this time to support Rafa Nadal's Foundation.

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12/22/2010 | 08:27 PM
It's so generous from you and Rafa to make such an event and help those who really need help. Glad to hear it's been so succesfull.
12/22/2010 | 08:26 PM
You and Rafa played a great match in Zurich! Thanks for giving your time and talent to help others.
Another reason for your greatness!
12/22/2010 | 08:04 PM
wow, Roger just lost the 1st set, reminiscent of last Madrid loss to RN earlier this year, OR reminiscent of y'day's 1st set loss to him as well...


no more erratic sprayin' forehands, puh-leeezzz....if u gotta lose, pls. make RN work 4 it, but don't give it 2 him, like sheeeesh~!!!!
12/22/2010 | 07:38 PM
wow, it really feels like it's Roger's match to LOSE/WIN 'cuz Roger's backhands are on, but his forehands are NOT, at the moment...

RN's game is NOT ALL that, esp. since he's letting Roger dictate the game, 1 way/the other...

c'monnnn, champ~!!!!
12/22/2010 | 06:48 PM
Last night was Great charity exhibition!
I enjoyed watching the match such a christmas gift. Awesome game.
12/22/2010 | 06:30 PM
well, these results may NOT count, but A WIN'S A WIN'S A WIN, esp. against your No. 1 opponent, aka RN, and A 3RD STRAIGHT WIN AGAINST RN WOULD DO WONDERS FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE, ESP. UP AHEAD IN DEFENDING YOUR AO TITLE IN 2011~!!!


great cause in win-win against RN on his home soil, a win 4 his cause & a win 4 your confidence against him!!!!
12/22/2010 | 06:23 PM
We all know that these are out of season friendlies and the results don't count.

What does count is what you are both doing for people in need of a helping hand.

For that, danke and gracias!
12/22/2010 | 06:11 PM
great job, champ~! now, let's make it 3 wins straight in a row against RN on his home soil already... also, friendly rivalries are great, but "THE TWO FRIENDS" in 2nd paragraph are somewhat disturbing since it's a friendly-gentlemen's game, but let's NOT 4get that, on the court, he is still your No. 1 opponent, m'kaaay???
12/22/2010 | 05:29 PM
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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