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Thank you and Season's |Greetings

24.12.2010 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear Fans

I would like you to thank all the people from near and far for all the donations we have received during the course of the year and also on the occasion of the Match for Africa this past week. We are overwhelmed and indeed happy with the progress the Roger Federer Foundation is making.

Once again, the amount of posts, letters, cards and presents I have received is wonderful. It is such a motivation to receive these for victories, our birthdays, Christmas as well as New Year. And we also appreciate your great participation towards Myla and Charlene in form of messages and gifts. Thank you so much.

Also, I don't want to miss thanking all you fans who travel so far to watch and cheer for me all around the world. I am really proud of all of you and I always enjoy meeting you wherever I am. Thank you for your support.

We would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Roger, family & team

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01/03/2011 | 06:28 AM
5-Thank you for everything, Don't worry about anything, you'll be healthy and you'll achieve all you want, you deserve it, the amount of happiness and inspiration you give to the World, and how you improve the World, it is already so beautiful well, you make it even better, and all of this, will come around to you, as blessings and only good things will come, you'll see.
01/03/2011 | 06:28 AM
6-I'll be praying for your well being, health, success and happiness, I'll be cheering on for you and I will always support you.
And you know, you also gave us a year of your beauty, you are the most handsome man in the World, it's crazy, you are so stunning.
Have lots of self love; believe in yourself, I believe in you always no matter what! Take care, enjoy the game, have fun.
01/03/2011 | 06:27 AM
7-You are the greatest champion, the strongest knight with an unbreakable golden armor.
I love you so much, that I really can't explain it…
Isabel. :)
01/03/2011 | 05:17 AM
Rog, you deserves all this gift, our loving, and follow you wherever you play!, you give us happiness, and because that we give you the thanks...big THANKS!!!... as always I say you´r no only the best tennis player ever, too you are a very good person, out side of court, nice kid, with the best education, elegant and to much prepared. I wish you the best for this year 2011 near your family and your girls... and God Bless You...Kisses!!! (before I sended to you a card in your Facebook) I´cant no
01/02/2011 | 01:01 AM
Coucou Roger!je te souhaite une très bonne année 2011 à toi et toute ta famille! Qu'elle soit pleine de belles choses pour chacun d'entre vous. Que Santé, réussite, amour,paix,bonheur,générosité,longévité... soient au programme. Puisses-tu toujours nous ravir avec ton magnifique tennis. J'espère vraiment que cette année sera meilleure que la précédente et que tu remporteras énormément de titres car tu le mérites et tu es un grand Champion.Continues de nous faire rêver. I love u
01/02/2011 | 01:01 AM
Happy new year, Roger! May you lift more Grand Slams in 2011, and once again play the free-flowing, attacking, confident tennis that only you can play. I wish you, Mirka, Myla and Charlene lots of happiness, good health and good fortune in the new year. Hugs and kisses to your beautiful babies! =)
01/01/2011 | 04:51 PM
Oh...I was able to visit the site and to see this "Thank You" post really makes me happy on the 1st of January.
The truth is that I believe Roger deserves one big THANK YOU himself.
Have a great year all you Roger-fans and let us cheer together for Roger!
Happy New Year!

01/01/2011 | 03:22 PM
Wish you a Very Happy New year ma Roge...!! god Bless you and your Family..!! Have a great year filled with success! Love you! Cheers!
01/01/2011 | 01:01 PM
Happy New Year Roger!!!! I wish you all the best in 2011 and hope you have another exceptional year both professionally and privately!!!
Take care and good luck in Melbourne!!!

Vladimir Popovski
01/01/2011 | 12:43 PM
Thanks to you for make us enjoy every time you are on and off court :)
You are wonderful
Best wishes for 2011 and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with family, friends and so on.
All the best, champ.
Hope 2011 will be another memorable year!
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