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Roger defeated in high-class|Final

01.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated 6-7(4), 6-7(3) by Rafael Nadal in the final of the World Tennis Championships exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi today.

Roger took a 3-0 lead in the first tiebreaker, but then simply committed too many unforced errors and eventually dropped the set. The second set also proved to be a tough fight as neither of the two players was able to score a break. Eventually it was Nadal's serve that helped him clinch the match in the second tie-breaker.

Roger will now make his way to Doha for the Qatar Exxonmobil Open which starts on Monday.

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01/02/2011 | 05:23 AM
CHIPPING..SLICING .... CHIPPING .... SLICING ..... CHIP...SLI.....CH...SL...........
01/02/2011 | 05:21 AM
01/02/2011 | 05:20 AM
Exo nor not , Fed should never have slipped a 3-0 lead in a tiebreaker , if you're gonna brain fart against Rafa in an exo , you're gonna do it in a slam !!!!

Also the same shot that lets him down , the forehand on championship point , the exact replica of the AO 2009 final !!!!!!!

And finally , Rafa's FH down the line is hurting Fed real bad , he plays a defensive FH slice and before you know it , Rafa steps into an open court and rips a FH.
01/02/2011 | 05:15 AM
Big fan of the rivalry and want to see more of these finals but it's plain to see that Nadal has the mental edge over Federer in these match ups. Also, Fed's game which is so based on precision and execution will become more error filled with time. Fed will need help in the GS - Nadal getting knocked out before the final. Unfortunately, the peak of their rivalry happened at Wimby '08 and has flattened since. I see Nadal getting the Rafa Slam and winning the French, Wimby, and finally a sleeper (M
01/02/2011 | 05:00 AM
I watched the match and i didn't understand why roger was playing with wearing watch something he does only for practice so this shows that roger really didn't want to win bcoz it was a exho match but he looked a bit rusty which will only improve by having matches under him plz rog cut of on the unforced errors and your return was not also up to the standard of WTF you was just returning chip so i really pray that u improve all this and win the AO lot of loves from all your fan best of luck cham
01/02/2011 | 04:55 AM
Well done. Roger.There's always a next time.Your fans are proud of you.Many good luck in the next match.
01/02/2011 | 04:27 AM
Hi Rog, Couldn't think of a better way to spend the first evening of the year watching you display your talents on the tennis court. We know you aren't bothered by the scoreline and hope you achieved your goals in playing this tournament. I'm very excited about the year ahead for you. Stay well, enjoy and be the best you can be .... quite simply THE BEST EVER!
01/02/2011 | 02:31 AM

it was nice match, and i've really enjoyed every single rally, and i think that's why are exhibitions played aren't they? Hope you're gonna have more luck in Doha:)

Hope to see many impressive matches like this final :)
01/02/2011 | 01:48 AM
Champ Roger,

Your ability to compartmentalize and prioritize your efforts is what's kept you mostly injury-free throughout your career.
While it'd have been nice to win against Rafa today, I don't think it's such a big deal. You got paid a nice "appearance fee" to play at this tourney, even if you did not win the $250,000 winner-take-all prize.
Don't ever kill yourself in exho's chasing down every stupid ball, on every stupid point. Save that for the real tourneys like GS and WTF.
01/02/2011 | 01:25 AM
It really doesn't matter, all it matters is that Roger, you get healthy and motivation flying around the court and play fantastic shots in the real tournament, plus no one lost the final today, it's just Rafa played a little bit better in today's match.

Good Luck in Doha and of cos the 1st GS of 2011, come on~~~

We are always behind you, Roger!