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A narrow victory

12.08.2006 | Tennis

Roger was pushed to somewhere in the neighbourhood of his regal limit yesterday by unseeded Belgian Xavier Malisse before finally escaping with a 7-6 (7-4), 6-7 (5-7), 6-3 victory in a quarter-final that featured exquisite amounts of tension and jeopardy for the fearless Roger.

"I didn't feel so well today, but I couldn't say why", Roger commented. "On the other hand I was never really worried about losing". He is, of course, aiming for his seventh victory this season.

With Malisse refusing to wilt under either the spotlights or Roger's aura, our favourite could only summon his top form in stretches and bursts. But it was enough to break Malisse in the fourth game of the third set, with a classic running forehand that bent like an unhittable curveball on the way past a charging Malisse before dropping gently inside the line. With that, Roger finally snapped the deadlock, and held on.

It was the second straight night where Roger dropped a set - he lost the second set to Russian Dmitry Tursunov on Thursday before raising his game for a 6-0 result in the third. Last night, Roger unveiled a similarly elevated performance when it mattered. He will now face 15th-seeded Fernando Gonzalez of Chile.

"Well, Roger's obviously the favourite. He's a favourite going into any tournament," said Murray after scraping out a 6-4, 6-7 (0-7), 6-3 victory over erratic 14th seed Jarkko Nieminen. "Regardless of whether [Rafael] Nadal was still in or not, Federer would still be expected to win."

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08/12/2006 | 10:36 PM
Hi roger!

I see that you managed good :D Don't be afraid, everyone have a bad day once.. But surely you didn't and you won't dissapoint me never!! I can't see your matches from tour in America on TV, but I watch to the news carefully and have all the
08/12/2006 | 10:23 PM
I hope you feel better!!
08/12/2006 | 10:05 PM
That was a close match!!! Phew!!! He really was stubborn and put up a good fight, but you managed to apply the pressure at the right moment!

Good luck against Gonzalez!
08/12/2006 | 09:49 PM
thank goodness!! I was concerned 'bout you..but you won anyway...Nadal is not on your way anymore...So this is really good thing for you...
But be careful..try to be focused on your game you've been good lately..I'm proud of you whenever...even you lose.
08/12/2006 | 09:44 PM
Hi roger,

Congratulations on another win well done on a very tough match.
You said that you didn't feel to well during the match i was watching the highlights and thought that you didn't seem yourself you looked quite tired through i think the secound
08/12/2006 | 09:39 PM
It was a very exciting match to follow here on the forum. Congratulations with your victory!!!!
08/12/2006 | 09:39 PM
That was a tough match but still Rog you're the best. I must admit that you held me up all night long cause i just couldn't go to bed without being sure that you've won. I was a bit worried when you lost the 2nd set but still I knew that you'll win.
08/12/2006 | 09:39 PM
i think it is a problem of concentration, and you looked a little nervous. Every tennis playeur want to stop you. As the number one player in the world , you have more pressure than any ather tennis. however, i am sure that your talent will help you overc
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