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Australian Open draw

14.01.2011 | Tennis

The draw for the Australian Open took place today. In Roger's 45th consecutive participation in a Grand Slam tournament, he will meet Lukas Lacko for the first time in the first round. The Slovak had all eyes on him as he took a set 6-0 against Rafael Nadal in the tournament in Doha, before finally losing the secound-round match 6-7, 6-0, 3-6.

If all goes well for our defending champion, he could face Frenchman Gaël Monfils in the third round and in the quarter-finals he could be seen battling with Andy Roddick. After that, the semis is a likely duel with Novak Djokovic before a final battle between Nadal and Roger could not be ruled out, if all goes well for these two champions.

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01/17/2011 | 08:05 AM
well done, i believe you can do the well in the second round.
go ahead.
hope you and Nadal can meet again in the final.
whatever, I will be happy whoever is the champion. Actually, i hope you can get the champion.:)
01/17/2011 | 07:33 AM
thank you guys
I knew the result of the match from your comments
congratulations for Roger and for us
God bless you all
01/17/2011 | 06:49 AM
Beautiful playing tonight Roger. You are going to win it all. I know that and so do you. Godspeed!
01/17/2011 | 06:25 AM
congrats to GREAT 3-STRAIGHT WIN against LACKO, champ~!!

listenin' to ESPN2, Cliff Drysdale puttin' it to Patsy Mac is QUITE ENTERTAININ' esp. when it comes to the State of U.S. Male Tennis Players, like woeful these not-so-fine days...

anyhoo, great workout today, champ~!! NEXT, LET'S TAKE IT UP A FEW MORE FEDEROCITY NOTCH AGAINST SIMON~!!!
01/17/2011 | 04:48 AM
Here's to your opening match today.

Let's go, Roger, let's go! I will keep sending you my positive vibs all the way!

01/17/2011 | 03:00 AM
It was great watching you have fun at the Rally for Relief.

Good Luck and God bless...

Go get 'em, Roger. ALLEZ, HOPP!!!!
01/17/2011 | 02:29 AM
Good luck Roger in your opening match I´ll be rooting for you a usual.Go Roger!!!
01/17/2011 | 02:11 AM
1-Hello Roger! Interesting draw, you know what to do, your game is in amazing shape, just stay focus and fight! You can do it! Enjoy it and have fun!
Take the press conferences as a patience exercise stay calm and take it match by match.
We love you, understand you, support you, you are our favorite and our number one forever!
01/17/2011 | 02:11 AM
2-Have lots of:
-High self-esteem -Persistence
-Self-confidence -Determination
-Enthusiasm -Optimism
-Constructing thinking -Positive inner dialogue
01/17/2011 | 02:11 AM
3-All my best wishes for this tournament and the opening match, I'll be cheering on for you, praying for your well being and success and enjoying your magnificent presence and your incredible talent.
Take care and be free.
Go for it! You are the absolute greatest!
I love you so much Roger!!!...
Isabel. :)
Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the soul.
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