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Roger soars into semis

25.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has reached his eighth consecutive semi-final at the Australian Open as he had little trouble defeating his Olympics doubles partner, Stanislas Wawrinka 6-1, 6-3, 6-3.

"I needed a good performance. We’ve played a lot in matches and a lot of practice together so there’s no secrets,” Roger said. “I had a good day today. I was able to mix it up. I’d like to say though Stan played an amazing tournament.”

Roger broke Wawrinka in the second game of the match, and made 77 per cent of his first serves - his best performance in the tournament to date. And our champ also held him to just one ace, keeping him from earning the free points on his serve that had helped in the previous rounds - Wawrinka had scored 24 aces against Roddick. As Roger broke to a 2-0 lead in the final set, Wawrinka showed his frustration by breaking his racket in two after pounding it onto the ground. Roger went on to easily finish the third set with his second match-ball after just 106 minutes.

As well as making his eighth Australian Open semi-final, it is Roger's 27th in Grand Slams since his first title 2003 in Wimbledon. Roger will either play Novak Djokovic (ATP3) or Tomas Berdych (ATP 6) on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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01/27/2011 | 03:00 AM
All the best for the Semis Champ! Just go out there and play your A game and result will be obvious, YOUR VICTORY. Can't wait to see you lift the trophy on Sunday.
01/27/2011 | 02:44 AM
Good job! Roger!

You are the best of the best, as you know, and as we know. So just keep it up, give it your best, and that will be all!

We'll be all cheering for you! The best luck!
01/27/2011 | 02:39 AM


01/27/2011 | 02:35 AM
All of a sudden theluckyfed is now on Roger's side? That seems strange but then the guy IS strange so we will let it go at that.
01/27/2011 | 02:24 AM
Great job, I give you best of luck in your semi final.
01/27/2011 | 02:17 AM
Tons of love and luck in your semi match!!!
01/27/2011 | 01:56 AM
Good luck against Djokovic.
01/27/2011 | 01:39 AM
Roger's NOT as flashy as that flash-in-the-pan fakey-injuries-timeout cheatin'-from-the-stand Superman of Slow Courts (RN) & they've already written him off as he kept provin' 'em WRONG, over-n-over again~!!!

01/27/2011 | 01:38 AM
RN's single AO slam win against Roger, back in 2009, was a MERE FLUKE that no one seems 2 understand/see/realize 'cuz they're soOoOo doggone overwhelmed by his apparent tenacity-n-grind on the (clay/grass/MUCH SLOWER) court, see? WHAT CRITICS FAIL TO COMPREHEND IS ROGER'S UNBELIEVABLE 4-GOIN'-ON-5-TITLE HERE AT AO AL2GETHER, LIKE TALK ABOUT UNDERESTIMATING THE GOAT, AKA OUR IDOL RF~!!
01/27/2011 | 01:28 AM
By makin' it anticlimactic, like u did against Wawrinka/Malisse, 2nite against DJOKER, it'd be simply FANTABULOUS since this'll get u ALL refreshed rearin'-n-roarin' 2 go towards the final w/ 2 days up of R-E-S-T~!!!

C'monnn, champ, let's do it, if NOT 4 'ol times' sake, but 4 your twins' sakes/fans' sakes al2gether now that the SILLY DELUSIONAL RAFA SLAM HAS SHUT LOUDLY-FIRMLY BEHIND US ALL, LIKE WOOHOO-n-AMEN~!!!