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Roger loses in three sets

27.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 6-7(3), 5-7 and 4-6 by Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. Roger struggled to stem Djokovic's aggressive assault, and also had problems with his serve.

Roger was unable to dominate the match and had troubles holding up right from the start. Djokovic won a tense 57-minute first set in a tie-break. Hopes of a comeback for Roger evaporated in the second set when, having fought back from a break down to lead 5-2, he was swept aside by a run of five consecutive games for the Serbian.

Roger was broken once again to 1-2 in the third set, before fighting his way back to 4-4 with a threaded forehand down the line. But unfortunately it was only a brief moment of hope as he went on to save three match-points in the final game and eventually had to admit the defeat.

The loss leaves Roger without one of the four Grand Slam titles for the first time since 2003.

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02/07/2011 | 03:54 PM
02/06/2011 | 02:39 PM
But he has to realize that there now is a number of players who *can* beat him at the highest stages of the game and they will not allow themselves to turn up unmotivated or unprepared. I think Federer can get back as no. 1 and winning GS tournaments. But he really has to be prepared to fight 100% against players in top 5 now. And he *has* had a little run lately (the last 4 GS) of looking strangely off in those big matches.
02/06/2011 | 02:39 PM
As disappointing as this loss was, I think we have to take into account that Djokovic also played maybe the tennis of his life (which he certainly didn't last year against Roddick) and he will not always play at this level.

So I guess the old truth still remains intact:
When Federer plays his A game nobody can touch him. Not Nadal, not Djokovic, not Murray, not Del Potro, not Berdych. End of story.
02/06/2011 | 02:38 PM
I just watched last year's AO final against Murray. Djokovic played a brilliant match, but Murray actually played as well in his AO final and still lost in straight sets. So it's very evident that the difference in results came from the fact that Federer forgot to bring his A game to this year's semi-final. Time and time again we saw him win those crucial match-turning points against Murray, while squandering them against Djokovic.
02/06/2011 | 01:13 PM
Dear Roger,
sorry for my late comment, I could not write due to my disappointment after watching your match against Djokovic. Mental weakness was the cause of all unforced errors, as mentioned in my letter in early January, do something to overcome this . Any how, let us forget about the past
Prepare well and be strong for the next match in Dubai, you will win
Wish you all the best
02/06/2011 | 10:45 AM
Well said , **Gleichnis. Amatch with Roger in it is exciting, because he is so unpredictable. One never knows what he will be doing next and what kind of stroke he is going to use. I am always on the edge of my seat, when watching him and never get bored. When watching Murray I always wonder why on earth he chose to be a tennis professional, because he never seems to enjoy himself. When watching Roger you know and can see how much he enjoys playing tennis.
Good luck in Dubai, Roger!
02/05/2011 | 11:24 PM
** Yukimi
Glad to read to you again.
I post in french but I like to read german and english posts too.
Yes, Roger needs ALL his fans but his fans need him above all.
Broken or happy, our heart belongs to HIM.
02/05/2011 | 05:21 PM
Dear Roger: I know this is very late however, it still comes from the heart of one who continues to believe in your abiilty, your exceptional skill and the prowess of your game. Despite the loss I believe there is a champion in you that will surface again. Keep going forward, stay healthy and continue to develop your game.
02/05/2011 | 04:45 PM
Dear Rogifriend & Boting,
Thanks for the welcome - now let us & Roger keep going forward :-)
The next few months will be very exciting !!

02/05/2011 | 12:46 PM
Hi *** Yukimi ***

Welcome back..

We missed your comments on this thread.Hope you're fine

Nice to see you posting here again and I wish you will never give up!!

Thanks for you and all other ROGI loyal fans


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