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Roger loses in three sets

27.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 6-7(3), 5-7 and 4-6 by Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. Roger struggled to stem Djokovic's aggressive assault, and also had problems with his serve.

Roger was unable to dominate the match and had troubles holding up right from the start. Djokovic won a tense 57-minute first set in a tie-break. Hopes of a comeback for Roger evaporated in the second set when, having fought back from a break down to lead 5-2, he was swept aside by a run of five consecutive games for the Serbian.

Roger was broken once again to 1-2 in the third set, before fighting his way back to 4-4 with a threaded forehand down the line. But unfortunately it was only a brief moment of hope as he went on to save three match-points in the final game and eventually had to admit the defeat.

The loss leaves Roger without one of the four Grand Slam titles for the first time since 2003.

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01/30/2011 | 05:24 PM
I do not care about how good novak murray nadal are. I know fed can beat all of them easily. they try to challenge fed all the time. let me tell you all something, fed is gifted player, I do not know if you are experienced being in a class with a gifted student, you try as hard as you can and you still cannot pss him. I know one guy who can trouble fed not because he is as good as roger but only because he is lefty and has a great defensive skill, his name is nadal.

01/30/2011 | 04:45 PM
Hey....my heart is broken.........still i have faith in you that you will make a comeback....love you however you are.......you are the best
Take care.
01/30/2011 | 04:37 PM
Is it not amazing how boring and low quality finals are when Roger is not there?

Did you notice the low level of enthusiasm and energy in the crowd (except the two players' boxes)?

That SF between Roger and Novak was closer, more dramatic, with much higher quality.
01/30/2011 | 04:27 PM
Like Carolinos I thought the only good thing about today's final was the Rolex ad featuring of course Roger. Compared with last year the match was poor, not helped by the bad language etc. Roger showed once again at the WTF that when on form he is still unbeatable and wonderful to watch. I'm grateful that he still loves tennis and wants to carry on playing and look forward to seeing his wonderful game in Dubais.
01/30/2011 | 04:23 PM
I'm sad...but your tennis is great, I think.
I am waiting for you com back to tournaments.
I'm looking forward to see your beautiful play and your smile!

I wish you and your family good health!!
Take care and have a nice vacation!
I love you!
01/30/2011 | 03:50 PM
Hope that everything will be positive the coming months for Fed.
01/30/2011 | 03:47 PM
Quote on Friendship
”The true friend is the one who’s coming
in the door while everyone else is going
out. Friends are the ones who love you
when you’re hard to love, stand by you
when it’s not the popular thing to do and
are there for you when you need it, even
if it means they don’t get anything back.” for you Roger x
01/30/2011 | 03:38 PM
If tennis were a religion, Roger Federer would be god!
01/30/2011 | 03:06 PM
If I was Roger, this time, I will fun when I lose to Novak. I will tell you and fans later.
01/30/2011 | 03:01 PM
with Novak in excellent form, Nadal and, perhaps, Murruy will be extremely difficult to win a GS. But we hope and wish. Good luck.