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Roger loses in three sets

27.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 6-7(3), 5-7 and 4-6 by Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. Roger struggled to stem Djokovic's aggressive assault, and also had problems with his serve.

Roger was unable to dominate the match and had troubles holding up right from the start. Djokovic won a tense 57-minute first set in a tie-break. Hopes of a comeback for Roger evaporated in the second set when, having fought back from a break down to lead 5-2, he was swept aside by a run of five consecutive games for the Serbian.

Roger was broken once again to 1-2 in the third set, before fighting his way back to 4-4 with a threaded forehand down the line. But unfortunately it was only a brief moment of hope as he went on to save three match-points in the final game and eventually had to admit the defeat.

The loss leaves Roger without one of the four Grand Slam titles for the first time since 2003.

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02/03/2011 | 10:02 PM
Dear Roger, I had a ticket for the AO final, having hoped to watch you win it. With all due respect to the players, what a boring spectacle it turned out to be! There was far too much baseline slugging and most points were lost by error rather than won. Your matches are mesmerising and inspiring even when you lose them. You make tennis an art form and that is why the game needs you. The world beyond tennis needs you too. Go Roger for the rest of this year and for many years to come!
02/03/2011 | 09:35 PM
you eres el mejor del mundo y sabemos que lo que viene va ser mejor
02/03/2011 | 08:10 PM
Roger wuz born in 1981, aka Rooster& today's Chinese New Year& this 2011's a year of his opposite, aka Rabbit, as his Rooster-career forecast 4 2011: TRY NOT 2 LET YOUR FRUSTRATIONS ABOUT WORK GET THE BEST OF U. YOUR HARD WORK'LL AMOUNT 2 SOMETHING. IS YOUR PERFECTIONISM SLOWIN' DOWN YOUR WORK? LET GO A LITTLE-N-TRUST THAT U'RE DOIN' A GOOD JOB~! Roger's a true perfectionist, esp. those FEDEROCIOUS shotmakings (tweener, anyone?)& he'll have to be PATIENT w/ his shotmaking this year is all...
02/03/2011 | 05:03 PM
Dear Roger ,
i just wish that u get to a level where ur records cannot be broken !
please don't retire before a 20 Grand Slam .
u always number 1 !and Djoko cannot play the way he played in aussie again lol !
02/03/2011 | 06:53 AM
1-Hello Roger how are you?
Congratulations for an excellent tournament you displayed an incredible tennis level defeating such an intricate variety of players and at the end it was a great battle the speed and the quality were amazing all those beautiful shots of yours and your intelligence shined nonstop.
02/03/2011 | 06:53 AM
2-And you looked beautiful every match your body is a piece of art in movement, the highest expression of beauty that's what you are in every way. You are the most wonderful tennis player, you are the absolute greatest!
The season is just beginning, the door is wide open for you and full of great opportunities, renew your spirit and mentalize for success, the Universe is smiling to you, every day is a new opportunity and everything adds.
02/03/2011 | 06:53 AM
3-Think positive and constructively, relax, rest and enjoy the pretty little details of life.
Changing subjects whenever your beautiful skin gets irritated get spring thermal water and spray it on, that will help a lot and remember to wear some hypoallergenic moisturizer at night.
I miss you! I hope you enjoy this time off, use it, be free, express yourself, and be happy.
Watch this it's great: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/web-exclusive-deepaks-meditation
02/03/2011 | 06:52 AM
4-Take care my love, I wish you all the best, I understand you and support you, don't you worry about anything, ever, farewell.
Roger I love you so much, you have no idea…
Isabel. :)
Dare to dream! Trust in the future, which is full of infinite possibilities. Don't fall prey to short-term setbacks, let go and flow. Deepak Chopra.
02/03/2011 | 04:19 AM
In China, Today is the really first day in 2011.I wish you and your whole family and your team good luck .Come on, roger! U are the best!Happy new year!!
02/03/2011 | 04:19 AM
In China, Today is the really first day in 2011.I wish you and your whole family and your team good luck .Come on, roger! U are the best!Happy new year!!
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