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Roger loses in three sets

27.01.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 6-7(3), 5-7 and 4-6 by Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. Roger struggled to stem Djokovic's aggressive assault, and also had problems with his serve.

Roger was unable to dominate the match and had troubles holding up right from the start. Djokovic won a tense 57-minute first set in a tie-break. Hopes of a comeback for Roger evaporated in the second set when, having fought back from a break down to lead 5-2, he was swept aside by a run of five consecutive games for the Serbian.

Roger was broken once again to 1-2 in the third set, before fighting his way back to 4-4 with a threaded forehand down the line. But unfortunately it was only a brief moment of hope as he went on to save three match-points in the final game and eventually had to admit the defeat.

The loss leaves Roger without one of the four Grand Slam titles for the first time since 2003.

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01/31/2011 | 06:19 PM
Djokovic had scarcely any time out at the end of the season because of the Davis Cup final. He went to Australia on a high and maintained it through the Open, playing with great confidence and consistency every match. He always looked the likely winner, unless injury struck him down. Roger was absolutely right when he said that Djokovic was the better player on the day. That doesn't mean that Roger is no longer the best - he wins because on most days he is the fitter and more creative player.
01/31/2011 | 06:14 PM
hmm..got chopped off again! Rest of post..

..look forward to its eventual,delicious manifestations.I wish you every success,Good Health,and happiness always.And may God bless you with strongest teeth to bite opponents! :D
01/31/2011 | 06:11 PM
Hi Roger,it is nice to read in your pressor that "I'm healthy" " really excited for what's to come" "we'll talk again.."; ever heading forward.It is amazing that,after so many unbelieveable achievements,you are still so eager to hunt and toil for More,not just for 'bread and butter' maintenance,but also for those "sumptuous feasts"(Simon Reed)-masterpieces for posterity; as is your perserverence in your persuit of excellence.I am so very happy to see it,and also eagerly(but patiently) look forw
01/31/2011 | 05:53 PM
I Love You Roger Federer
01/31/2011 | 05:50 PM
Roger Did a good tournament so far his defeat with Novak, new champion. I knew he had a difficult row, spacilally against Simon. (A tough player for Roger)

I think Roger got desperated by Novak, who got to all balls and was in better shape. Roger could not take advantage from his momentum at 2 set 4-1.

Any way I hope Roger can handle better things from now and recover # 1. ALL depends on HIM. Come On Roger. Use your experience, keep working hard.


01/31/2011 | 05:44 PM
Fedex u are playing some inconsistent tennis in best of 5 matches at slams in past 15 months.allowing players to come from 2-5 down is not great.not as tough as u used to be
01/31/2011 | 05:43 PM
Dear Roger I am sure you are still disappointed at your loss to ND. However it may be that he was unbeatable on the day and sometimes thats how it goes! Your performance was at a much higher level than Andy Murrays in the final anyway!

Its strange how form goes and your form at the London end of tour was superb and none could touch you! So whatever your preparations were, worked to perfection utilising your attacking and assertive tennis to the full.

Good luck for future events
01/31/2011 | 05:01 PM
With the new ATP rankings the gap is narrowed with Novak, please try to expand it a lot and make use of Nadal's defending points which with aggressive play will be in your favor to the number one spot. best of wishes....
01/31/2011 | 04:43 PM
The gap with Nadal in the rankings is a big one: over 4000 points. But untill Wimbledon Nadal has almost 8000 points to defend and Roger only about 1500. So if Roger plays all the coming tournaments and plays them well, he has a serious chance of becoming nr. 1 again. He plays well enough to do it, so I hope he will go for it (and not skip some tournaments). Good luck!
01/31/2011 | 04:35 PM
Dear Roger,

Too bad. Wasn't the best of your matches, but we're still with you. Novak is much better than he used to be, but still nowhere as good as you. So good luck and we're waiting for you at No. 1 spot! And second RG with 7th Wimbledon!