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Fascinating stats

16.08.2006 | Tennis

Some interesting statistics for you after Roger’s terrific first half of the season and the start of the tournament in Cincinnati:



The number of Masters Series Roger has won. He has now reached Pete Sampras’ mark, but is still 6 away from André Agassi’s.



The number of Masters Series that Roger and Rafael Nadal have won since 2005 (a total of 15 tournaments).



The number of consecutive finals – since Halle in June 2005 – Roger has played. He is now only one away from Ivan Lendl’s record.



The number of tournament titles Roger has taken home in his entire career, 8 of which are Grand Slams, 11 Masters Series and 2 Masters Cups.



The number of matches in series that Roger has won in North America since Cincinnati in August 2004 (defeat against Hrbaty). During this period, he claimed a total of 9 Titles: 2 US Open, 2 Indian Wells, 2 Miami, 1 Cincinnati, 1 Toronto and 1 Masters in Houston.



Wins/losses this season up until today.



Wins/losses on hard-court since the beginning of 2005 up until today.



The number of points Roger is ahead of Rafael Nadal in the ATP ranking. Roger stands at the top of the list with 7760 points, Nadal following with 4505.

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08/17/2006 | 04:40 AM
Hey sweet Roger,

It's ok. Get some days off before the US Open. I was really worried about your brutal back-to-back schedule. The loss to Murray is nothing. Brad Gilbert talked about his strategy yesterday and it worked. Murray was slowing down wi
08/17/2006 | 04:23 AM
Hey Roger

1. Eleven Masters Series Shield , Cool. We awaits your twelve .Totally awesome.

2. Seventeen consecutive finals unbelievable, you did it Congrats.

3. Forty tournament titles , thumbs Up Roger.

4. And oh your points, 7760. Great. Grea
08/17/2006 | 04:03 AM
Hi Roger,

I just want to wish you good luck for the US open. I hope you win it. cheers.
08/17/2006 | 04:02 AM
Amazing records.Congratulation.But I have to remind my dear ROger that no one will win every game.It is normal to be defeated in some games even so great as you or Sampras.
Losing in Cincinnati is a good thing,because you can take a rest for next big USA
08/17/2006 | 02:47 AM
Those stats are impressive. Make no mistake about it. To achieve such recors and yet be so humble about it is truly remarkable.

All, we as fans can do is to be continued to be marvelled and wow-ed! All the best Roger. Like I alwas say, stay healthy, fo
08/17/2006 | 02:43 AM

It's a shock that you lost but I think you need a rest and that's more important.
Have a good good rest for US open!!! One more slam for you!
08/17/2006 | 01:34 AM
congrats roger...those are amazing stats. keep it up...supporting you all the way. Roger Federer...you're the best!!! <33 you!
08/17/2006 | 01:27 AM
Hi Roger,

Congratulations on your fascinating stats! Nobody does it better.

See ya at the US OPEN, where you will have a day to rest in between each match. You deserve it.

08/17/2006 | 01:07 AM
i jas want to say something about how he played with andy murray...roger doesnt seem to be feeling well maybe because of the non-stop playing since the toronto... i felt bad when he lose....i am not use to it...i want to know how he is doing right now aft
08/17/2006 | 01:05 AM
Hi Roger,

Its sad and good to see you lose here. Sad because its painful anytime to see you lose and good because you need rest badly and there can't be better chance to rest well and get back to your top form before the US open starts! I know you are
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