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Fascinating stats

16.08.2006 | Tennis

Some interesting statistics for you after Roger’s terrific first half of the season and the start of the tournament in Cincinnati:



The number of Masters Series Roger has won. He has now reached Pete Sampras’ mark, but is still 6 away from André Agassi’s.



The number of Masters Series that Roger and Rafael Nadal have won since 2005 (a total of 15 tournaments).



The number of consecutive finals – since Halle in June 2005 – Roger has played. He is now only one away from Ivan Lendl’s record.



The number of tournament titles Roger has taken home in his entire career, 8 of which are Grand Slams, 11 Masters Series and 2 Masters Cups.



The number of matches in series that Roger has won in North America since Cincinnati in August 2004 (defeat against Hrbaty). During this period, he claimed a total of 9 Titles: 2 US Open, 2 Indian Wells, 2 Miami, 1 Cincinnati, 1 Toronto and 1 Masters in Houston.



Wins/losses this season up until today.



Wins/losses on hard-court since the beginning of 2005 up until today.



The number of points Roger is ahead of Rafael Nadal in the ATP ranking. Roger stands at the top of the list with 7760 points, Nadal following with 4505.

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08/16/2006 | 05:06 PM
Es increible, Roger Federer sigue marcando diferencias y demostrando porque es el nº1 del mundo, agrandando su historial, rompiendo marcas y estirando rachas...
sin dudas y sin nada mas para decir : estamos en presencia del jugador mas sorprendente del m
08/16/2006 | 05:01 PM
Roger, this is not ment in an offensive way, but I am really starting to think you're unhuman like a robot or something like that. 99% of your shots are perfect. You own eyerybody you play. Annnnd, you never even sweat!...
08/16/2006 | 04:53 PM
The guy is absolutely brilliant.
08/16/2006 | 04:47 PM
I can't believe that all these records were created by you~~~ you are really really strong! But we all know that it's a long and hard way for you.
Anyway, keep moving,come on !!!There are more and more records waiting for you~~~
08/16/2006 | 04:26 PM
Your fans dont need any statistics!!!!!!! I know you re great in court and off court!!!!!! Roger, you re making history!!!!!! I m very lucky because I m living Rogers age.
Kisses for you my dear
Bs As
08/16/2006 | 03:56 PM
Love those stats!!!! Keep the momentum going!! Increase those numbers Roger!!!!!! Do it again by beating Murray today!! Will be online today too, geting the lowdown of the match from our wonderful online commentators!! (website members!!)

Much Lo
08/16/2006 | 03:48 PM
The stats tell it all!Now I challenge anyone to question why ur the best player!It's soo obvious why!You're the perfect number one,a perfect champion and a perfect human being!And we love you!keep smiling and keep breaking the records!
08/16/2006 | 03:44 PM

I'm sure that u can break the records in the future and always make the fantastic tennis.
Support u forever...

08/16/2006 | 03:35 PM
i knew all of them and i have read them like 1000 times but its good to know again and again.keep it up roger
08/16/2006 | 02:35 PM
Ciao Roger queste ststistiche sono impressionanti e rispecchiano il campione che sei!!
Yu're the best of all the time
We love yuo
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