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Roger reaches Dubai final

25.02.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has reached the final of the tournament in Dubai thanks to a 6-2, 7-5 victory over Richard Gasquet today.

Roger had no problems in the first set, playing aggressively and not facing too much resistance from the Frenchman. But he fell back 3-5 in the second as Gasquet made more of a fight of the encounter. And then Roger once again did what we love him for - raise the pressure and take the lead - as he secured the last four games and thus the match.

Roger will now face Novak Djokovic in Saturday's final, in a replay of their Australian Open semi-final in January. The defeat is Roger's only one so far this season, Djokovic is yet to loose a match.

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03/06/2011 | 11:28 AM
02/26/2011 | 08:08 PM
I like Roger's attitude towards his losses these days. He started to carry his positive aspects of the tournament going forward. As long as he can reach Semis/Finals/Wins, he'll always be a favorite. He knows he can't compete at the same level forever with much younger players. We'll see some of such losses and incredible wins in the future. He already proved his critics wrong again late last year. I just want him to get his No 1 back and win one GS title this year. Any addt'l title is a bonus.
02/26/2011 | 08:03 PM
Dont waste ur hard work dear champ
u r the most player who plays under pressure and controls his temper, haven't u noticed that?

you've done a great performance since Cincinati
you've done a historical magnificent battle in London finals!
you r simply the best, the most clever
i see high energy and fitness in your body language

do not wate ur hard work rog!

i can't predict how many titles, but the better is coming soon
02/26/2011 | 08:00 PM
I'm really disappointed and surprised at the same time , Roger you did not play well you were careless you lost your serve so easily and you did not fight back , it was obvious that you gave him the tournament on a golden plate , but even though you still the best for me and I'll never give up on you , you are the best player of the all times. Enjoy your holiday and prepare well for the Indian wells . Love you Maestro!
02/26/2011 | 07:58 PM
Thank *** FEDELEGANT *** for supporting my idea. I just want him to win so much, but if other roger's fan think that it is not neccessary to do so, then i better to stop give him an advice. Love Roger so much.
02/26/2011 | 07:56 PM
I agree with TFAN1. The king of tennis it is Roger Federer. Have you seen a shot form Djokovic that you liked? Pleae tell me one shot from Novak. I think that you can not tell me (BOTING and THENOTSOLUCKYEDFED). If the future in tennis it is Djokovic, Nadal or Murray it is a sad future. This day, Federer made to many UEs, but he can win if he can manage the menal. If Roger quits I'll stop to watch tennis for a long while. It is hurting that Federer makes so many UEs, but it is so good watching h
02/26/2011 | 07:56 PM
The King will be back! ROGER FEDERER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
02/26/2011 | 07:50 PM
I disagree with *** TFAN1 *** on some points.
We all have to cherish and celebrate Roger's unmatched achievements but to be "in denial" or to get immersed in "wishful thinking" is unasked for. The reason fans "give advice" to Roger on this site is not to literally determine how he should play. It's the voice of frustration, it's venting, it's a sign of their passionate love for him. It's the voice of all whose day gets absolutely ruined because of Roger's loss. Those fans are not "ridiculous".
02/26/2011 | 07:42 PM
No need to fight.

99% here are devoted Roger fans. Positive and Critics are for our Roger the Greatest player. The only thing is that He is not doing the necessary to beat and take the victory taste again.

He is the greatest no doubt. Even the greatest is not enough wise. to take under control those who can handle his game

Best for all


Take care all Egyptian, Libia and other North african fans - Difficult times there
02/26/2011 | 07:36 PM
BOTING: At least, RF had an era. We will see which other younger players will claim that type of fame in the future (besides Nadal)
NSLFed: Agreed that this was not his best match, but let's not forget that Fed also beat Novak 3 straight times late last year (granted not grand slams). The tides can turn fast in this game. I can't argue with you today, but I will still maintain that whether you are a fan or not of RF's, you MUST give him his due. He has earned it. Enjoy your weekend.
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