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Roger suffers defeat number two

26.02.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger was defeated in straight sets by Novak Djokovic in the final of the Dubai Tennis Championships today.

"I had a tough start and a tough end but Novak played a solid tournament all the way through and deserved to win,” Roger said. “It was a tough end for me but still a great tournament."

Roger faced a strong Djokovic right from the start and was clearly dominated in the first set. It looked better in set number two as he broke the Serb to take a 3-1 lead. But unfortunately he had to constantly battle with problems with his timing and rhythm, losing 20 of the following 25 points and eventually the match.

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03/01/2011 | 05:25 AM
This loss is just similar to Shanghai loss to Murray in the final (without losing set till final) and what happened next? He rocked the rest of the year. Djokovic lost 3 in a row to Fed and won twice. That's fine. He's playing good and our Champ needs to make some minor adjustments. Actually even in 2009 (when everyone ruled out Fed), he lost successively to Novak (Miami SF, Rome SF). So it's just matter of time. Just one good day in the Finals is enough to turn things around which it will.
03/01/2011 | 03:23 AM
JOEWISCO I don't think we need your negativity here on Roger's website. I guess the WTF never happened and Roger didn't beat Djoko three times in a row last fall? Why don't you go visit RN and ND's websites and stop dissing Roger. And that goes for all you other naysayers. I'm just a fan like many others here but it's infuriating reading all the negative comments. Roger has earned and deserves much more respect. Get off his case!
03/01/2011 | 01:54 AM
Hello Roger,
I remember to have read somewhere that – unlike in your dominant years – the fans should be prepared for seeing you having an off-day every once in a while. You clearly had one of those on Saturday. Too bad, but when it’s not there it’s not there. Like you said you had a good tournament and still an excellent performance since Wimbledon, playing either the SF, the final or winning the title.

I wish you, Mirka and the little girls all the very best and a good trip to Amer
03/01/2011 | 12:59 AM
Djokovic is just to strong and powerful for Roger now. Djokovic is in his prime and Roger is passed his prime. There is no way Roger is winning another GS unless he does NOT have to play Nadal or Djokovic. Those are the facts whether we like it or not!
02/28/2011 | 11:20 PM
Never mind roger u r still the best of all time............but i think u should fight more..... ......against NJ i felt that u r trying to loss the match......keep working hard ..............work more on ur backhand...............see u next tournament.............
02/28/2011 | 09:59 PM
Sorry you lost Roger, it was not your day. You played a very good tournament though, again you made it to the finals, it is amazing how you always get so far in tournaments, again and again, people sometimes do not realize what an achievement that already is. Let Nole enjoy flying high as for now, it will not last. Good luck in your next tournament and thank you for giving us the jpy of watching your beautiful tennis.
02/28/2011 | 09:34 PM
Great match Roge , I don't think you should allow such incompetents post such comments on your site though . I am speaking of Mr BELIEVE1, who apparently know the secret to being good in tennis nowdays. Listen to the advice this guy gives: ''get a new racket, hit consistently without errors'' , I wonder what a great player and talent he must be! please spare us the nonsense next time mr. BELIEVE1 . GO Roge ,keep up the good stuff! you're the man! Best wishes from Romania.
02/28/2011 | 09:20 PM
Djoke and others have figured out that all they have to do is 1. have a steroid racket 2. hit the ball hard into the center of the court, to Roger's backand, and 3. wait for Roger to mis-hit.

COME ON, ROGER. Get a new racket. Hit consistently without errors, or better yet, DO NOT GET INTO A BASELINE SLUGFEST AGAINST GUYS WITH MORE POWER AND STEROID RACKETS.
02/28/2011 | 09:14 PM
Losing in this manner is, or should be, unacceptable.

Roger has remained too relaxed in terms of his attitude and preparation, and stubborn about tactics, equipment (won't use a modern racket), and most of all, about the approach to opponents with BIG, FLAT GROUNDSTROKES, BIG ATTACKS TO BACKHAND and NEW RACKETS THAT ARE LIKE STEROIDS.

Roger is the greatest, but the legacy is in jeopordy if he continues to lose and accept losing. To finish his career like a champion, he must change.
02/28/2011 | 08:59 PM
Maestro RF - see you at Indian Wells! vamosss!!!...you can do it, Maestro!
Indian Wells is yours! c'mmon!!! go, Maestro! take care and we love you!
FEDERISTAS are always behind you and support you! RF forever and beyond!