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Photo shooting

01.03.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Roger posed for photographer Mario Testino as part of Credit Suisse's new advertising campaign. 


Watch the video here.

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03/05/2011 | 05:04 PM
Hi Jennico. Been a while. I'm still here.

Roger is beautiful inside and out isn't he? Did you see the pics of him and Pete S. at the basketball game last night? Yummy. Ciao. N
03/05/2011 | 05:00 PM

I agree with you...
Roger exemplifies grace and style in every thing he does!
He is a wonderful example for the young and he never forgets to
champion the disadvantaged in the world...
Roger is God's gift to our planet !!!
03/05/2011 | 04:31 PM
Great pics roger! You look stunningly fresh in those pictures. Saw you practicing with Annacone and Sampras! I just hope you win your second title this year. You really need it. And I also hope that you win the French open too this year.
BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!
03/05/2011 | 04:25 PM
great Federer!
03/05/2011 | 03:18 PM
promote worthwhile Swiss enterprises. And if he can spread a bit of glamour around what's wrong with that? One might add that Roger has handled his celebrity status with great dignity especially when you compare him with certian other sports stars, not to mention the British royal family hobnobbing with various dictators.
03/05/2011 | 03:13 PM
Sponsorships. To be a top tennis star is a very expensive business - more so than, say for a footballer, whose coaching is provided by the club, for example. The tennis player's life at the top is also a short one. Roger has to provide not only for his future and that of his familybut also his foundation. I am no fan of celebrity culture in general nor of the huge gulf between rich and poor throughout the world today, but Roger is merely sensible in seeking to deploy his gifts and contd
03/05/2011 | 02:08 PM
*Jodoug, *Jennico, of course I know what kind of fan that person is, but I just felt the need to put something more positive and sensible against that negative post.

*Ramcharan, thank you for the info and the link to the pictures. the beautiful thing about tennis is that there is always the next tournament and the next event Roger and his fans can focus on. Always good to see Roger enjoying himself on a tennis court or anywhere else.

*Hughsie, Margaret, always good to read your posts as wel
03/05/2011 | 05:01 AM
Great pics Roger. You are truly a gift to tennis and inspiration to young people. I especially liked your video of your visit to Ethiopia and think you genuinely care for people - without regard for their colour, race or creed. That's why you will always be number one for me!! Keep up the good work and continue to pass on your blessings. One love brother.
03/05/2011 | 04:42 AM
**RAMCHARAN** thanks for the great pictures of roger and pete. as for that person that everybody keeps trying to explain about the need for sponsors, they are a lost cause. whoever he or she is, they just don't get it. we may as well forget them. but i applaud all effort put in by the true fans to try. how much winning is enough to do an ad i wonder. i guess 16 isn't enough. at 20 i guess roger won't need to "punish himself in the gym". good luck to rog in IW.
03/05/2011 | 03:11 AM
Roger is in LA, practicing with Pete Sampras and Paul Annacone!

Welcome to US soil, Roger !
We're so happy to have you on our shores again !
Enjoy your practice with Pete ...
Your fans love you and expect great things from you at IW
Can't wait to see you play your beautiful tennis
Best of the best to you,Champ !