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Federer as Religious Experience

22.08.2006 | Off Court

The New York Times has published an extensive article on Roger in their weekend sports magazine called "Play". Check it out on the web and enjoy! (see link below).

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05/20/2007 | 04:46 PM
Great win today at Hamburg. Congratulations. Keep fit and well and in focus for the French Open. Best wishes
05/20/2007 | 04:45 PM
Great win today at Hamburg. Congratulations. Keep well and focussed for the French Open. Best wishes
11/29/2006 | 06:41 AM
the article in "Play" was terrific. It helped me understand and appreciate Federer's game. It is very much worth reading.
08/31/2006 | 10:11 AM
the article's been archived and now they're asking me to pay to have it sent or whatever ! :-((

can i get to see it - is it on this site or somewhere??
08/31/2006 | 09:43 AM
For some odd reason, i can't seem to link to the ny ariticle...'

asking me to pay for it...

any one having hte same problem
08/30/2006 | 10:37 PM
Quick game as I expected for the first round at the US Open but the unexpected thing was the haircut, totally cute!!!! I absolutely love the blue short set too!!
08/30/2006 | 10:14 PM
Roger - I wish you all the best in your quest at the U.S. Open. I'm an avid fan and you're in my country and state now so I can catch all the action on television! I have faith in you both as a superb tennis player and a generous man who does alot of go
08/27/2006 | 11:06 AM
Roger, you will win the US and next year the SLAM.

You are the best player who ever lived

Its just amazing thye way u play.

U r someone the whole world would want for a treat to watch u play.

God bless you

Ur greatest fan.
08/27/2006 | 03:50 AM
Great article from an independent perspective, and every word of it true. It is indeed amazing what Roger has achieved in the past couple of years. To be able to sustain that momentum, with so much depth in today's men's competition is incredible. I ho
08/26/2006 | 10:59 PM
Hi RainbowYH,

Thank you for the web site. I heard the interview. I must say that the author David Wallace, who wrote the above article, spoke about Roger Federer in glowing terms. I enjoyed it very much.


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