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Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

11.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Dear Fans,

I have just decided to enter Monte Carlo. Hopefully I will see some of you in Monaco in the spring.

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04/08/2011 | 05:19 AM
Hey Champ, remember after the loss at Wimbledon last year, you expressed emotionally "I can't wait for Paris and Wimbledon to come around next year...". Now here you go, there're right in front of you... and you're in good form to do well. Just go with the killer instinct to counter the so-called unbeatables. Stay healthy physically and mentally focused. You're the best forever!
04/08/2011 | 03:58 AM
Rosaline-go over and read that article again. It says nothing about Roger already defeated in the match to come. The matches don't start until tomorrow so don't get excited and worried over how Roger will fare. He could come back and beat them all and I hope he does. Have a little faith for goodnes sake.
04/08/2011 | 03:53 AM
I hope you are feeling great Roger and are ready to go out on the courts and win every match you play.I don't think that should be too hard for you to do as you are still the best of the lot no matter what anyone says. Your fans stand by you always. Godspeed!
04/08/2011 | 02:48 AM
Very best of luck, Roger - !!!!!!!!!
04/08/2011 | 12:06 AM
Good luck Roger!!! d'ont forget that you are the best player, you have to be cool....we love you as allways.
04/08/2011 | 12:06 AM
Good luck Roger!!! d'ont forget that you are the best player, you have to be cool....we love you as allways.
04/07/2011 | 07:54 PM
I had a look today for headlines about Roger to discover the surprising following headline:
Roger Federer Disastrous at ATP Monte Carlo Masters

I was horrified - Roger presumably defeated by a qualifier in first round - yet the tourney hasn't started yet!! Well of course this is a pernicious journalist fiddling a headline to get us to look at his rubbish forecast. Utterly disgraceful..........
04/07/2011 | 03:35 PM
Slam to reach that goal. I think that you will do good in the Davis Cup as well and next year you will be competing in the world group. Maybe there are to many things on your plate but the twins will be proud because they cannot wish for a better father. You will always be the best on and off the Court. Best Wishes.
04/07/2011 | 03:33 PM
Roger: Everyone is talking about the age differential you have with Rafa and Nole. Age brings wisdom and tennis wide, it bring a bigger shots repertoire. Show your wisdom and all your shots in Monte Carlo, you know you can win it´s just a matter of beleving and not overthinking. Your serve is working fine, your shots are as clean as they always were. Reduce the unforced errors(which i beleive come from overthinking) and conquer everything. You said you wanted to win 20 GS´. How about a A Roger
04/07/2011 | 03:59 AM
Can't wait to see you play, Roger! Good luck on the court, also off the court.
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