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Another loss against Djokovic

20.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger suffered another defeat against Novak Djokovic in Indian Wells today, losing the semi-final 3-6, 6-3 and 2-6. Roger will now drop to number 3 in the world ranking as Djokovic takes his place.

The Serbian simply played too well in the opening set today as Roger trailed behind 3-6. But Roger then showed all his experience to reel in the younger opponent to level the match by taking the second 6-3. As the match went on both players displayed sublime skills but it was Djokovic who held his nerve in the end, winning the big points to secure to progress to the final after 126 minutes.

It is the ninth defeat for Roger against the Serbian in their 22nd match - our champ has lost all their three encounters so far this year.


Later on, Roger and Stanislas Wawrinka were also not able to celebrate a victory as they lost the final against Alexandr Dolgopolov and Xavier Malisse 4-6, 7-6(5) and 7-10.

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03/31/2011 | 11:51 PM
Hi Roger. This is my first comment ever about you or your game. Sorry for my bad english ! Djokovic's greatest advantage is his backhand. I think with your backhand is no match for djokovic. What do you think? I wish you luck in the future. You really gonna need it.
03/26/2011 | 05:13 AM
You did your best but Novak played too well hope you will take back your position this year
03/25/2011 | 01:44 AM
Hi Roger,

I just want to say that you still being the best player which this sport knew, and i am serious doubts that someday someone can suparsse you. Novak is playing really well, but look, you played very well in Indian Wells and the difference between you were just few shots, so keep trying, i am confidence that Miami title will be your!! you just need a little beat lucky this time!

Best wishes from Portugal and from Lousã,

João Ramos.
03/24/2011 | 08:18 AM
its too bad that roger has been losing to nadal and djokavic lately. I believe rogers biggest problem is unforced errors--he's not being outplayed he is missing baseline shots too long and he is hitting too many flat balls. that's not his game. roger is not a full power return player. he is a master at hook and junk floaters and he needs to stick with that plus variable change up returns where the direction goes back and forth. Roger has abandoned his game from a lack of confidence! do it RF!!!!
03/23/2011 | 04:15 PM

03/23/2011 | 02:28 PM
It's a shame that your idol has such imbeciles as fans. Some of your posts are a disgrace. Slagging other players , posting racist comments and unfairly judging a player's expression of victory ( Novak's) is not honoring Roger Federer nor is it pleasing him. Visit other players' websites and you will NEVER read such abusive comments for their opponents even after they lost. No post census for this site ????
03/23/2011 | 12:06 PM
Fans, Sheath your sword! Do'nt allow emotions to take the better part of you because of Djoker's ' árrogance'. Not all players can be level headed like our champ or Nadal when they are on a winning roll. There is not need to insult Serbs because of Djok's attitude. That said, our Rog will surely come back in his winning ways, with more master's and grand slam titles. What is important for him at this time is motivation and good health. Fortunately he has both now, and hopefully for more years.
03/23/2011 | 11:16 AM
Dear Roger
I can't wait to see you playing your beautiful tennis in Miami. I hope you'll be luckier this time. You played really well, but you lacked enough luck in the crucial moments playing the SF!
No doubt YOU are the best tennis player among this group of youngsters! Keep faith and believe in yourself. You can win everybody, just be calm and have more selfconfidence! be focused, you win them all. They deserve to know who is the Champion, no matter the ranking!
All the best!
03/23/2011 | 11:04 AM
TICKY - Roger is on the same side of draw as Nadal. And Dj and Andy are on the other half. My modesty thinking is that you Fedi must be in semis. And Miami is a little faster wich is good, and i hoping you can beat Nadal, and Dj or anyone else is potencial final. We all here want with all our hearts you to win this title and to play good on clay! Wish you best Roger, greeting from Serbia!
MJLO_DINA - Ma da, tipican Amerikanac. Ne obracam paznju na njega, pise gluposti. Pozz :]
03/23/2011 | 10:48 AM
Hey Rog, don't worry about the loss. These last few weeks Novak has played really well, probably the best of his career. Just stay positive and I know you will comeback strong.

You play great tennis in each match but sometimes you get unlucky on the big ponits. I am sure your luck will change and you will start winning again. You still have more titles and slams left in you so keep working hard and i'm sure you will get the rewards.

Stay fit and healthy and best of luck in Miami!
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