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Key Biscayne: the draw

23.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger left California and traveled to the East Coast of the USA in order to play the Sony Ericsson Open on Key Biscayne in Florida.

Like the other top seeds, Roger is exempt from the first round. He will either face Fabio Fognini (ATP 53) or Radek Stepanek (ATP 68) in round two. He could later take on Argentinia's Juan Monaco (ATP 35), before a meeting with either Marcos Baghdatis (ATP 24) or Mikhail Youzhny (ATP 14) is possible. Then, Andy Roddick, the defending champion, could be up in the quarter finals.

Roger, winner in 2005 and 2006, is in the same half of the draw as top-seeded Rafael Nadal. The two champions could meet in the semifinals.

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03/25/2011 | 06:36 AM
Hi Roger,

Good Luck on March 26, 2011. Your game with Stephanek. Novak and Andy are very jealous. Because the both two don't have the skill and Karisma like you. I read Bodo's comment from Tennis.com, it's not bad, his suggestion was that you were not looking at the yellow ball like before you are the King of tennis. Attack the ball, forget the pass and look ahead. You still can handle them. YOU ARE NOT OLD.
03/25/2011 | 06:02 AM
Good luck at the Sony Ericsson Open. I have to say Andy Roddick is stand up guy for sticking up for you. I like that there is still respect among(some) players. I can't say much for Djokovic. I think some one needs to teach his camp and him to be respectful of others. Who is Djokovic to say that Nadal is the best. Nadal wouldn't be where he is at if you weren't his nemesis. I will enjoy watching you play, whether you win or lose in Miami. I bet Djokovic goes down to Murray.
03/25/2011 | 04:08 AM
"It's ridiculous! Whoever wants to criticize Federer, they better be very good at their job. Very good!", says Roddick. Also cool interview from our Champ yesterday. He's so determined and unperturbed by the insane comments from some insane people. I liked his comment "... may be she missed the London WTF. I don't know. Maybe she was somewhere else climbing Kilimanjaro. I don't know. I love her..."

Hey Champ, you have humongous support. Just stay healthy and focused mentally and physically.
03/25/2011 | 04:03 AM
c'monn, dearest lion king of Tennis...pls. stop desconstructing, esp. while u're ahead, focus by bringing on your FEDEROCITY at all times, and get some EASY CONFIDENT WINS UNDER YOUR BELT...

let's aim for this win, and the next, and the next, and b4 u know it: WN1 RANKING'LL BE W/N YOUR GRASP ONCE AGAIN!!

Grrrrrrr, let's roar your way baaaack!!!! U'RE THE STILL THE CHAMP TO BEAT & TO LIVE UP TO, ALL RIGHT???

B E L I E V E I N R O G, T H E G O A T~!!!
03/25/2011 | 02:59 AM
hey rog!!!!!!!!!
all d very best 4 miami!!!!!!!!!! ul surely do wel if u play ur best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jus go n smack shut ol ur critics mouths man rog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n 1 more thng.............2 hell wid novratilova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huz she 2 say nethn agnst u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jus ignore d mad lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza luck agnst stepanek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plzzzzzzzzzzz tk care of ur health n stay fit!!!!!!!!!!!!

loadzzzzzza luv, luck n gud wishes,
-tejal n INDIA!!!!
03/25/2011 | 02:17 AM
1-Hello Roger how are you?
All my best wishes for this tournament!
And yes my love your game is in great shape you have been playing great, you have a very clear and accurate perspective I agree with you! We know very well how some journalist and some people like to play their game and it is so full of absurd, lack of intelligence and specially perspective that is not worthy of you precious attention or anyone else's.
03/25/2011 | 02:16 AM
2-Stay positive and be confident, have lots of self love, be patient, take a depth breath, and FIGHT for what you want, there is nothing and no one standing in your way, you can do it, go get it!
Determination Roger!!! Come on!!!
You love tennis, so play tennis, that's all there is on court. Take everything else off your shoulders, it doesn't matter at the end, be free!
03/25/2011 | 02:16 AM
3-And thanks for staying in touch; you're the greatest in every way! And you have the most beautiful eyes!
Take care my beautiful treasure, see you soon.
I love you so much…
Isabel. :)
03/25/2011 | 01:53 AM
I was watching one of the Tennis Classics last night on the Tennis Channel - you and Nadal 2005. Down two sets, two points away from defeat, twice, and you came back to win the championship in five sets - destroying him in the fifth set - the mark of a true champion. Awesomeness. You still have that! Who cares what the naysayers say. You will always be the greatest of all time. Later.
03/25/2011 | 01:38 AM
***Boting ***
Good point !But I just don't want to believe that any change, any adjustment
any improvement to Roger's game is " too late " . He is the first one to recognize that his game and his success will benefit from some fine tuning ,
that's why he is working with Paul and the rest of his team.He will never be a "Power Player" like Rafa or Djoko, and he shouldn't be ! I still say that he can add strentgh to his game without damaging his natural skills. Roger will be victorious again...