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Quick start in Miami

26.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made an great start into the Miami Masters today, defeating Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3.

Roger scored early breaks in both sets, adding a third one in total to clearly dominate the match. His first serve was a strong weapon as he reached 70% of first serves.
With the victory - Roger's 762nd - he joins Pete Sampras on place number 7 in the ATP records. But our champ is still 480 victories short of Jimmy Connors' who leads the ranking.!

Roger will meet Juan Monaco in round three in Key Biscayne. He leads the head-to-head 1-0 against the Argentinian so far.

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03/27/2011 | 05:15 AM
That's THE MAESTRO!!! Yeahhhh
Your 1rst serve was amazing Roger...just like it was in London few months back.
This is it!! please keep going like this and you will have the trofeo back in your hands and our big smile!! Than you Roger...God bless you forever!
03/27/2011 | 05:13 AM
1-PeRFect Roger!
What a great way to start the tournament my love, you are coming with an excellent rhythm maybe an advantage to have back to back tournaments, you're playing great and moving great; you're an incredible athlete in insane good shape, impressive!
And I don't care at all who you may play at any instance, what matters to me is to see YOU. I don't worry I know you can overcome any obstacle.
03/27/2011 | 05:13 AM
2-I watched your interview after the match; you are very intelligent, so much that experts turn to you for perspective, it's endlessly interesting to hear you talk tennis, such a clear vision you bring on every time.
And you know the rumors are just that, because really pretty much everybody acknowledges your capacity and amazing game. Anyway as I told you once good or bad there's not where your attention should be. Eyes on the positive and forward.
03/27/2011 | 05:12 AM
3-And I'm crazy about your outfit, you look stunning!!! Love the colors, the patterns, the details, I like much more this shorts, I can see your incredible legs better, it suits you beautifully. You look perfect, and beyond the outfit you are the most handsome man in the World!
Best wishes against Monaco, I'll be rooting for you, confidence Roger, just go for it!
Take care, be free.
I love you!!!...
:) xoxoxoxo
03/27/2011 | 04:58 AM
fantastique roger,

Continuez à nous éblouir - vos fans vous sont toujours fidèles.
C'est un art de jouer ainsi .
Bonne saison.
03/27/2011 | 04:34 AM
You're flying high. Marvelous how quick today and the cleverness you applied to your opponent.
I hear that a Miami paper believes it's the end of your era. Stupid! A recovering phoenix myself, I know that a setback [Joker] cannot wipe you out if you remain determined - and you DO! Call their bluff and keep winning. We all love you and will back you forever. Go for it!
03/27/2011 | 04:26 AM
Dear Roger, congrats for the great match, excellent performance. Go on for more. Your fans are cheering for you. Best luck with Monaco.
03/27/2011 | 04:25 AM
Well done, Roger!
Best of luck against Monaco.
03/27/2011 | 04:22 AM
Good job champ, getting this first win, and the juices flowing.

Congrats on win #762 on the ATP World Tour, and 7th most wins all-time. Keep going, champ, and keep your focus on your next game against Juan Monaco. One game at a time, and we'll all be smiling ear-to-ear, come Sunday, April 3!

Go Roger!
Love you always!
03/27/2011 | 03:57 AM
Intelligad.I agree with you lots of "Dedicated" fans back Roger come what may. I do not understand when people 'put him down' when he has a loss. Like, as you say, every tennis player has their "UP's and their DOWN'S" as do all sports. Of course it is disappointing when Roger loses, but it's just one of those things.
Anyway, he is on a Roll at the moment, jsut hope he can roll Djoker, if he meets him.
Cheers Roger. AND GO GO GO
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