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Roger stars in video spot for HIV/AIDS campaign

29.08.2006 | Off Court

His bid for glory at the U.S. Open begins tomorrow, but Roger Federer has already served up an ace in the fight against AIDS with the release of a new public service announcement for UNICEF (see link below).


The PSA, released today in both English and French, is part of the UNITE FOR CHILDREN  UNITE AGAINST AIDS campaign, which was launched in New York in October 2005. In the 30-second spot, which will be made available to broadcasters worldwide, Mr. Federer talks about the impact of HIV/AIDS on children around the world.


“Every minute of every day, a child under the age of 15 dies of an AIDS-related illness,” he says in the video message. “HIV/AIDS is threatening children as never before.”


Commitment to children


Mr. Federer, the world’s current top-ranked tennis player, became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in April of this year.

“I am honoured to join the ranks of UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassadors,” he said at his appointment ceremony. “I’ve been lucky in life and able to pursue my passion for tennis since I was six years old. It’s important to me to help the many children throughout the world who do not have the basic resources they need.”


Mr. Federer’s commitment to the well-being of children was clear even before his appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador. In 2003, he established the Roger Federer Foundation to help children in need, primarily in . And in 2005, he helped organize an exhibition tournament to raise relief funds for UNICEF in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami.


That tournament, sponsored by UNICEF and the ATP, the world governing body of professional tennis, helped launch a partnership between the two organizations. The partnership, known as ACE (for Assisting Children Everywhere), focuses on the effects of HIV/AIDS on children.


UNICEF, by John Allison

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08/30/2006 | 11:16 PM
roger!!! i love the fact that you're engaged in extracurricular activites that help major problems in 3rd world countries!! we love you!
08/30/2006 | 10:29 PM
Well done Roger on your support for this action and also for your success in the first round at the USO
Good luck for the next round
08/30/2006 | 07:56 PM
That's such an gesture for you.
So good that you can help the kids around the world!
08/30/2006 | 06:56 PM
Roger carry on doing what your doing. There are millions of people out there who need our help and you have given them a lot of support. You have also encouraged others to do so. You are a very generous and thoughtful person who should never change. Love
08/30/2006 | 06:00 PM
hi Rogi
eurosport wrote about your chances of winning so looking forward to seeing U out there
dear fans you can C all the latest news about Roger here
08/30/2006 | 05:26 PM
we are sooooo proud of you roger. its so good to help others and care about others. I beleive that God always helps the kind of poeple who care for others. may god bless you, all the luck
08/30/2006 | 05:00 PM
I appreciate your kindness to children, Roger!
I think that's one of the reasons why I chose you to be my idol. That proves that you have not only the best skill and genius in tennis, but also, more importantly, the perfect personality.
It's great to he
08/30/2006 | 04:38 PM
Roger well done. Keep it up. Best of luck for ur 1st round match later in the day. May u win this US open. All the prayers are with u.
08/30/2006 | 03:34 PM
Congrats Rogi, I'm proud too¡¡¡¡
08/30/2006 | 03:23 PM
Again your great soul and spirit charmed us.You are truly an angel and a great roll model for us.Thank u beeing born in my time! noo go on and win this tournement and make another page in history!Go on Roger We are with u
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